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Spiritual Mastership
Spiritual Mastership

Spiritual Mastership


The spiritual freedom all human beings are in this life to seek can only be achieved through spiritual Mastership and that means mastering the earthly part of our nature with its drives, urges and passions. Every human being on the Earth plane will eventually evolve into someone like the Master Jesus, who was capable of walking on water *, i.e. he had gained control over his emotional world, so it could no longer run his life for him and create more unnecessary obstacles for the future. The whole of the Jesus legend is a description of a spiritual Master’s behaviour and lifestyle.

But let’s reach out a bit further and take a look at the book of Genesis, which is shared by the Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In part 1:28 of this part of the scriptures the Angels told us: ‘After having created the first human beings in the form of a woman and a man, God blessed them and said to them: ‘Be fruitful, and multiply. Fill the Earth and subdue it. And have dominion over the fish of the sea, the fowl of the air, the cattle and over every living thing that moves upon the Earth.’

There have been many Creation stories in different parts of our world that suited the needs of the people living there, at a certain time. The Abrahamic version was given by the Angels with the promise that, when the time was right, the higher esoteric meaning behind its surface words would be revealed. With the coming of the Aquarian Age this condition was fulfilled. That’s why by now many are able to grasp that the invitation to subdue the Earth * does not mean forcing our planet to obey humankind’s will and serve its desires.

The ultimate purpose of all human earthly lifetimes has always been to eventually lead us to the realisation that ‘subduing the Earth’ relates to taming the instincts and drives of the lower animal aspects of our nature with its greed and possessiveness, lusting and craving for power, fears and anxieties of the unknown and in particular death. And the words after ‘subdue the Earth’ are trying to draw our attention to the guidance that can constantly be received from our environment *. For example, the fishes of the sea, the birds and all other creatures that share our world with us. Each species has its own story to tell and advice to give.

For as long as the Abrahamic Creation story was taken literally, it provided humankind with a temporary permission to do with our home planet as we pleased. The wise intention behind this was that in due course we would learn from the results of the mistakes that had been made along the way. They would be manifesting themselves in the form of various kinds of natural disasters *. It would take a long time before we realised this, but eventually even the slowest learners in our midst would be able to see that the forces of nature cannot be subdued by human beings in their present evolutionary state.

There will only ever be one way that humankind can be in charge of the Earth and that will come about through learning how to co-operate with the natural forces of the elements. When we know how to work with and approach them in peaceful and loving ways, not as Lords and Masters of the Earth, but as the most humble and obedient servants of the Highest Forces, they will be willing to listen to us and maybe even obey. If we respectfully ask them to show us how to go about dealing with concerns of the Earth, that we are looking for ways that are in harmony with their work, that’s what they will do. And that, beyond the shadow of a doubt, is the reason why it has been said: ‘The meek shall inherit the Earth’ *.

Playing the role of Lord and Master of the Earth is the deepest, innermost dream of every male of the human species *. This characteristic is part of humankind’s long misunderstood Divine inheritance. Not surprisingly, this desire to rule the roost is also present in the subconscious masculine aspect of every woman. The storms of humankind’s unkind and unreasonable behaviour towards each other with its subsequent outpouring of human thoughts into the negative and destructive thought stream * have always been influencing the weather patterns of our world. The recent highly unpleasant weather conditions in many parts of our world are living proof how they manifest themselves in our environment. Unless we improve the treatment of our home planet, the only one we have got, and start to take care of it instead of continuing the methodical raping and plundering of its precious resources, the weather conditions of our world will grow increasingly severe.

Extract from ‘Thought Can Do Anything’ *: ‘Through magnetic vibrations your thoughts are drawn towards positive and negative thought-streams. All positive thoughts, by this we mean good, uplifting and constructive ones, go forth from you and by the law of attraction align themselves to other great thought streams that are positive and good and belong to the White Light. Thoughts of anger, hatred and cruelty swell the great streams of dark and negative thoughts. Can you imagine how much cruelty is created in earthly life through thoughtlessness? It can cause much suffering, whereas thoughtfulness brings love and joy, hope and courage. Any kind of it, whatever form it may take, is a contribution to the great stream of White Light upon which humankind depends for its very existence.’

Intuitively, I feel that through the weather conditions the elementary forces in charge of our planet’s general wellbeing will continue to show us that they are running out of patience with its human inhabitants’ behaviour. This especially applies to the abomination that was given the name of ‘fracking’, the most recent pitiless attack on our planet’s resources. On top of that, our race’s malevolence and hatred, anger and aggression towards each other are adding to the power of the dark destructive natural forces, which they are supporting. How many more warnings do we need that, if the powers in charge of our world so wished, they could easily get rid of our whole race on behalf of Mother Earth by shaking us off like fleas?

How long is it going to take until sufficient numbers of us realise that no part of the Earth belongs to any one of us; that the only thing that’s ours to keep in all Eternity is our consciousness, who and what we are and not what we have; and that not even our physical bodies belong to us?

As aspiring healers and lightbringers, our vision needs to constantly remain focussed on the blessing and healing power of the Highest Star and Brightest Light. And it’s the light of the living God within, i.e. the wisdom and truth we receive intuitively, that enables us march forwards and upwards on the spiritual mountain, which all manifestations of life are climbing together. The light of our ever increasing comprehension of the spiritual aspects of life, allows us glimpses of the glory of the Sun, the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother. His/Her power of wisdom and love is in the process of rising in our world and gradually taking it over.

Many lifeforms are looking towards our light to help them, just the same as we are concentrating our whole being on the light of the Christ Star, the Sun beyond the Sun. It radiates from the highest levels of life into the whole of Creation and ever more powerfully into us and our world. That’s how God is helping us on our evolutionary journey and we in turn are required to assist every less evolved manifestation of life with their development.

The law of life is love and evolution and all life has always been moving on an eternal evolutionary spiral. Everything that is taking part in it, including all human beings, has the God-given right of being helped, taught and guided by those ahead of us and protected by them against influences that are no longer right for the present state of our development, whilst being drawn to those that can help us move forwards.

And the same as humankind is reaching out and requesting the assistance of the Angelic realms, Mother Earth’s other kingdoms are entitled to our help with their development. We are responsible for it, just like those above us are answerable for ours. Every kind and loving thought of wisdom and truth one of us sends into our world aids some younger life forms, occasionally quite tiny ones. They are reaching out for God’s light in us. In human beings it expresses itself in the characteristics of our Christ nature as understanding for the requirements of others, compassion and kindness towards all life.

* Recommended Reading:
• ‘Walking On Water’
• ‘Astrological Myths And False Perceptions’
• ‘The Age Of Aquarius’
• ‘Jesus In the Desert’
• ‘Universal Guidance From The Environment’
• ‘Disasters’
• ‘The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth’
• ‘How Shall The Meek Inherit The Earth?’
• ‘Let Them Have Dominion’
• ‘Thought Can Do Anything’

* * *

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15 Nov, 2019
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