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She sighed. She remembered when she was just a child. When she thought when there were no stars in the sky, then it would be the end of the world.
She tilted her head back and rested her elbows on the soft grass. She only wore a t-shirt and jean shorts and had kicked off her Vans. Her long hair spilled over her shoulders as she tilted her head back, watching the silent sky.
It was a dark night. The moon was hidden away, lighting no path in the vast expanse. Clouds swirled around her as the wind picked up. She didn't mind the leaves flying around her. She just laid there, on her back, making no movement.
Soon enough, the clouds formed a small tornado. It was nothing threatening. It was tiny, only strong enough to pick up some leaves and twigs. The girl watched the small rocks and whatnot being swept up into the air, but she did not move.
After a few minutes, the wind was howling. It screeched, making her hair slap her face. Yet, she did not move. The tornado grew, picking up bigger sticks and dirt, making the trees shiver and the grass dance.
A few droplets fell on her cheeks, and that's when she finally stood up. But instead of taking shelter, she just stayed there. The tornado spun her around, but she still faced it bravely.
The rain picked up its pace. The constant noise of water hitting the soft ground made her shoulders loosen. The droplets rolled down her face, but she didn't wipe them away.
It was a real tornado and rainstorm now. The sky was grumpy and darker than before. The moon was not there to reassure her.
A loud boom echoed through the valley, but she didn't even flinch. The flashing light got closer and closer to her, striking at random tall objects.
Blinding flashes as the lighting lashed out and things on the ground. An unbearably noisy boom as thunder rumbled. A constant splashing noise as rain pounded the dirt mercilessly.
She looked up. Maybe as a child, she was right. Maybe a starless sky means the end.
Maybe not the end for everything, but the end for her.
She kept staring into the featureless sky. She scanned the darkness one more time, searching for any star in vain.
Her scream pierced through the clammy air as the blinding light struck her, followed by the thunder.
And there it was, right above her motionless body, the last shining star. It twinkled for a small moment, then disappeared once again the storm.
All that was left was the rain and the pain.

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4 Jun, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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