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Stranger Paradise
Stranger Paradise

Stranger Paradise


Where I am, something is off. It’s an...odd feeling. A feeling I’ve never felt before. What I saw with my eyes seemed real, not fixated by imagination. The trees are green, the ground is grass and dirt, the cool hazey dew night air with the moonlight glowing down- it’s real. But what got to me the most was the sense of time. The abstract creation physically composed by man to measure a life-span has no purpose here.

Please- I’m appalled by being in the woods alone at night, but to touch and taste the air, to feel every movement made, it is mystical in a way. This forest air I breathe in gives an invigorating sensation to the mind, heart and soul that it’s a place of mystery and purpose that is to be discovered. And to find this discovery I must.

After ambulating around for what seems to be a while thinking to myself that I’ve been going in circles I was astonished by glancing one way to see a spot of bright light off in the distance in a clearing. Like a wisp of yellow paint on a black paper. With no second thought, I ran. Legs not weary and lungs fresh, I push feeling every step and every moment of it. Closer and closer that light got without any exertion of myself.

Swiftly striding between trees and shrubs, I stopped in my tracks at the edge of a small opening enclosed by the dark night forest with the moon watching free above. The light that I saw is shimmering through paned balcony-like doors. And standing before it was a stranger. A girl.

Long brunette hair, barefoot, dressed in a white nightgown just above the knees and the light gleams on her charming innocent face that can’t be forgotten. I didn’t know who she was, yet had a feeling that I did once know her. Someone from my past that I haven’t connected with to the present.

I don’t believe she knew I was here. Focused ahead of what’s in front of her she was. With slight pursed lips, a gentle yet eager and wondrous tone was her look.

Curious as to what’s going on with her and the door of light, I slowly paced around it. When I got behind the door I was caught off-guard that there was no door. No light. No girl. Just a transparent view of a dark forest floor. But reaching the other end of the door, the light and girl appeared again. A one-sided door it was, and must lead to somewhere.

The stranger stood there, still with the same demeanor. I truly don’t know if she notices that I am there. Staying away from the light I took a few small steps keeping a short distance from her, reached my arm out and waved it.
No response.
Getting closer to her, I moved my arm again to have no reaction from her as the stranger’s hypnotised look was static.

Deciding to stand next to her then, I look into the light to see the beauty that she is staring at. It’s another world. Another landscape. It was an inviting scenery. Filled with a plethora of lemon-yellow sunlight, deep salmon-colored cotton clouds and a prairie of baking golden sunflowers I followed suit in her look. It’s beautiful. What I don’t know is why she was here in a cold, dark woods and not on the other side of the door with the light and flowers.

After seeing her and what’s on the other side, I changed from what-is to what-should-be. Extending my arms, I grab the handles and push them ahead allowing a shimmering extra shine of pleasant warm light come through.

Stepping back where I was, my eyes went towards her. A small smile of relief was creeping as it turned brisk with gladness when the doors opened for her wide. With in-the-moment steps, she walked in preciousness straight from a dark forest into a field of warmth, light and beauty. Grazing her hands over the perfect sunflower petals, she then leaped and twirled, dancing in the flower prairie spinning with joyous laughter consisting of a smile that won’t fade a bit.

The stranger attentively stopped and faced me, miracuously looking straight at me, saying in a soft, caring, hopeful tone from the otherside,
Someday we’ll be in paradise together.”

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About This Story
4 Dec, 2021
Read Time
3 mins
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