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Studying The Nature Of Evil
Studying The Nature Of Evil

Studying The Nature Of Evil


Be A Miracle Worker – Part Two

No spiritual progress is possible for as long as we believe that Jesus is a historical figure who once walked in our midst and therefore continues to exist in the spirit realm. Failing to realise that he is but a symbol of every human being’s higher or Christ nature disconnects us from this the most essential and valuable aspect of every human being. While we hold onto this false belief, it’s impossible for God and Angels to work a miracle of any kind through us. This, however, changes dramatically as soon as our small earthly self has finally grasped what is at stake and freely and willingly, totally and unconditionally surrenders itself to its heavenly counterpart. Only when it has taken over completely, so that our upper and lower energies have become one, can we be at one with the will and wishes of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ.

The Angelic hierarchy have always tried to communicate with every one of us through our inner guidance. They are the voice of our higher consciousness, the wise one or living God within. Their advice comes to us intuitively, including the instructions of how to go about redeeming our karmic debts. The hardest and most difficult ones have been kept for our final lifetime on this planet. When we have learnt to trust their guidance and follow it without hesitation, we can rely upon it that the end of our earthly education is within our grasp. If we keep on keeping on, no matter how much suffering has to be endured, the greatest miracle of all, the healing together of the lower and higher nature of the whole of humankind and our own is taking place. This is the sacred marriage of Heaven and Earth in which they are fusing and merging into one.

Small earthly selves who have reached this developmental landmark and have fulfilled its demands will eventually have evolved into spiritual Masters and Christed ones in their own right. Having overcome and left behind the drives and urges of their lower nature, they behave and react to the world around them with the kind of wisdom and love, tolerance and forgiveness that is deeply rooted in the gift of understanding the higher purpose of humankind’s earthly existence. This is the ultimate goal of every human being’s earthly education when this part of it cannot teach us any more. Our vibrations by then have changed sufficiently so we can continue our studies on the first level of the spirit realm, when the natural end of our present lifetime comes round.

The Angels and Masters around the throne of God, the Christ Circle, are the executors of the evolutionary plan of life. They are responsible for the development of all parts of the created world that are visible or invisible to human eyes, including every one of us and our world. They are at one with the will and wishes of the Great Architect of life, the same as we are when we have evolved into a Christed one. That is the meaning of being at one with God.

‘Destroy the seed of evil or it will grow and ruin you,’ wrote the Greek fable writer and wise one Aesop, who lived approx. 620-564 B.C. The only way of following this advice successfully is through digging for the roots of that which is known as evil in our world. And that, to my mind, is nothing more than the lack of spiritual knowledge and understanding of the wise higher purpose of humankind’s existence. Providing as much of it as possible has been and still is my life’s mission. See the relevant links at the end of this chapter.

Anyone who seriously wishes to put an end to the suffering of our world and that which to this day is evil, corrupt and rotten in it, will get nowhere without looking for the truth. It’s systematic suppression has been the most vital aspect of the patriarchal religions. But with the coming of the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth, ever more of us are re-discovering their true nature. It is the time for coming home into the understanding that humankind’s existence, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation, always has been and forever will be subject to God’s Universal laws, especially the law of cause and effect or Karma. This law ensures that the perpetrator of some lifetimes is the perpetrated and the persecutor the persecuted, in future ones.

This is how the will and power and the love and wisdom of the Great Father/Mother of all life has always been creating opportunities for every human being to become familiar with the different aspects of their own nature, the higher and lower, as well as the two sides of every coin of everything that needs to be encountered in the school of earthly life. And that’s why every one of us has to spend lifetimes as either a male or a female of the species. For a well rounded earthly education it is essential that we get to know all sides of every picture.

In some lifetimes we take the part of the teacher, while on other occasions that of the pupil. This is how it comes about that in some lifetimes we are taking on the role of molesters not only of the girls and women around us but also of boys and men. Through having to endure this kind of treatment in other lifetimes, when our Karma returns our misdeeds to us we experience the damaging effect this kind of treatment has on a human being’s psyche, their self-esteem and all-round wellbeing. And if we have been and/or still are subject to any kind of abuse in our present lifetime, we can be sure that it could only happen because of what we did to others in previous ones. In fact, we are victims twice over. First through our behaviour and because of our lack of understanding of the spiritual background and the cause of our suffering.

We insist on causing pain and suffering to others only for as long as our spiritual short-sightedness exists and we do not yet know better. Only for as long as we remain unaware that we ourselves have to redeem any negative Karma created by us to be redeemed by none other that us in one of our coming lifetimes. Without fail the Universal laws in due course, as soon as we have grown strong enough to cope with such experiences, returns our misbehaviour to us. We then find ourselves at their receiving end and for a long time unable to understand why something so ugly and painful should be happening to us out of all people.

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21 Jan, 2020
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