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Sublime and Essential Things
Sublime and Essential Things

Sublime and Essential Things


Sublime And Essential Things

In the fullness of time every human being evolves into a healer, lightbringer and Christed one in their own right. When we are sharing with those around us some of the spiritual knowledge we have gathered along the pathway of our life, we are playing this part. This way of spreading the light of God’s wisdom and truth feeds into the good and positive stream of consciousness of our world and at the same time disperses more of our race’s darkness of ignorance. Through such actions the stream grows ever more radiant and powerful. Gradually it absorbs more and more of the shadowy areas in the individual and collective consciousness of our world into itself and transmutes them into blessing and healing energies that flow into everything that exists in our world and from there into the whole of Creation.

The following is the essence of advice from the Mexican poet, A. Nervo, when it comes to sharing our knowledge: ‘About sublime and essential things do not talk to all, but seek the level of those you converse with, so as not to humble or distress anyone. When with the frivolous, be as frivolous as they are, gently dropping a petal from the flower of your dreams into their cup of frivolity. If they are not ready for it, be on your way smilingly, because you know that they will come to what you have found in their own time. Should someone pick up your petal, examine it and inhale its fragrance, carefully and discreetly allow them a few more glimpses of what grows in your magic inner garden. Tell them of the invisible Divinity that surrounds and penetrates everything. Maybe thoughts and feelings of love will enter their minds, to act as a key and an ‘open Sesame’ of the door to the only true freedom there is for humankind: spiritual freedom!’

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27 Aug, 2018
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