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By -Lynnyan-

It was dark in the basement and you couldn't quite see what you had just bumped into. It seemed to be metallic and smooth under your hand. Buddy barks at the thing, but you manage to find him in the darkness and pick him up. You hold him in your arms to keep him from barking as you graze the wall for a light switch.

There it is! You flip it upward, but the only light that comes on is a bright blue one. It glows from the lightbulb on top of the thing you had been looking at earlier. In the new light, you could see that it was a large, round, metal ball that looked green in the light. You stand, staring into the light, mesmerized by it. You feel Buddy go limp in your arms after a few seconds. You can't look away from the light, though.

Your hand suddenly falls to your side to find your father's workbench. You keep staring into the light as your hand tries to find something. You're becoming sleepy, so it's hard to know what you're looking for. You feel your legs almost give out beneath you, but you manage to hold yourself up. Finally, you find something. You bring it up to your face, ready to use whatever it was, but you can't stay up any longer.

Buddy falls from your arm and you feel yourself lose your grip on whatever you had grabbed off of your father's bench. You begin to fall, trying to aim yourself away from Buddy so as not to squish the poor dog. A loud thud is heard and you watch as the goggles laying next to your face fade into black nothingness.

Your eyes flicker open and you feel yourself swaying back and forth. The fuzzy room slowly comes into focus, but you realize that something's missing from your view. First off, you notice that there are fewer colors than you remember there being. And the color of the couch seemed to change completely. Second off, you realize that the couch was two times as large as you remember it being. This strikes you as odd, but you brush it off, thinking that maybe the events from last night messed with your vision.

You try to stand up, only to find that you have more hair on your arms. And your hands were missing! In place of them were small, white paws. Just like Buddy's. That's when you realize that the machine you had accidentally turned on last night was your father's mind transfer device. And you had been down there with Buddy, which meant that you were him. And that the you sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal was him.

You quickly look down and examine yourself- I mean, Buddy. His fur was soft from yesterday morning's bath but you could still smell the dirt that had caused you to wash him. Weird. You thought you had gotten that smell out of his fur. Then you realize that because you were now a dog, you had enhanced smell. And hearing.

The loud crunching coming from the kitchen motivates you to try to stand. You fall a few times, but soon enough, you're prancing right over to Buddy. He seemed to be enjoying his bowl of cereal. How he was eating it concerned you, though. He ate it as a dog would. Milk dripped down his face every time he came back up for air. He just kept slurping it up, not noticing you sitting by his leg. Eventually, he's licked the bowl clean and he looks down at you. You never realized how messy your hair was until it was staring you in the face. And your teeth! There were bits of cereal lodged in your braces. You would need to get those out as soon as you got your body back. That is if you ever got it back. You shake your head at the thought. You would get your body back. And your father wouldn't even notice something was off before you did.

That's when you heard him coming down the steps. He sounded tired and he looked stressed as he rubbed his neck. He grabbed a bowl and sat next to Buddy and began pouring his cereal. Then you realize that you had awoken in Buddy's bed. You hope this didn't mean that your father already knew about you and Buddy. If he did, he didn't show any signs of it. You place your paw on Buddy's knee and he looks down at you. You gaze up at him, trying to tell him not to mess this up. It seems he understood because he nods and then stands to put his bowl in the sink.

You look over at your father to see he had placed his head in his palms and was breathing heavily. You walk over to him and sit, gazing up at him. He looks over at you and says, "Sorry, Buddy, you can't have cereal."

So he didn't know? Or maybe he was just trying to get you to admit you had messed with his machine. Well, it wasn't going to work. You keep still, but make puppy dog eyes up at him. He laughs and pats you on the head.

"Okay," he says, his spirits lifting. "I'll get you some bacon leftover from yesterday."

You can feel your mouth water at the words. Whether you were in dog form or not, you had always loved bacon! And your father wasn't half bad at making it, either. That's when you notice Buddy smiling at your father as well.

"Can I have a piece, too?" you hear him ask in your voice.

"Sure, kid!" your father laughs. "Let me go get it from the garage fridge, I'll be right back."

As soon as he's left the room, you get down to business.

You begin to ask Buddy how he had spoken human so well, but all that comes out is two sharp yips. Your eyes grow wide as you realize what this meant. No one would be able to understand you.

"Sorry, Buddy, but I'm not going to be giving up this body," Buddy says. Clearly, he couldn't understand you either. This was a huge problem!

"Have fun being a dog for the rest of your short life." And with that, he had made his point blatantly obvious. You glare up at him and feel a vibration in your throat. You snarl at him, but he just laughs. "That doesn't scare me. Sorry, Buddy," he jokes. You realize that he's right. You would be stuck as a little dog for the rest of your life. And Buddy would probably make your life as worse as he could for as long as he could.

Buddy gives a menacing smile as your father comes back inside. It was going to be a long day.

Author Notes: First time writing in second person. Let me know how I can improve!
Have a great day and be sure to enjoy the little things in life <3

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5 Apr, 2021
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