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Symbolisms And Metaphors
Symbolisms And Metaphors

Symbolisms And Metaphors


The Aquarian Revelations – Part Six

Symbolisms And Metaphors

The spirit realm’s traditional way of communicating with our world up to now has been through symbolisms and metaphors that were skilfully hidden behind the surface words of the myths and legends. From time to time the Angels and Masters in charge of our world brought us another one that was meant to take humankind’s understanding a step forwards and upwards on the journey up the spiritual mountain of life. Aquarius is the Divine Waterbearer and the deeper we enter into this age, the more of God’s sacred wisdom and truth will be flowing directly into the individual and collective consciousness of our race. For some time by now it has been flowing with steadily increasing strength into the hearts and minds of those who are ready to receive it. More about this theme later.

Regardless of the patriarchy and dominance of the masculine, the sacred number of 144,000 has been present in many belief systems of our world, the latest one being the before mentioned one of the Christian Book of Revelations. In spite of appearing in the depths of the patriarchy with its all-male Divinity, the presence of the Great Mother or Goddess has always remained clearly visible to those who are in possession of the key to deciphering the code. Let’s see what we can find. As mentioned earlier, the 12 is one of the sacred numbers and zero represents the never ending circle of Eternity. 12 x 12 = 144 add to this the circle of Eternity three times over and you get the sacred number 144,000.

The components of this figure are: 1 = the masculine first impulse of Creation, the Great Father of all life or God. 2 = the feminine second impulse, the Great Mother or Goddess. 1 + 2 = 3 = both together are manifesting themselves and finding expansion in their Son/Daughter, the spirit of the Universal Christ, Sun of all suns and Light of all lights. 0 = the circle of Eternity = three times over, i.e. 3 x 3 = 9 = the number of completion, the end of one cycle and the beginning of another in the 10. The average gestation period of a human baby is roughly nine months. 9 is the number of completion and an indication that a new cycle of experiences is about to begin and that applies as much to parents as their babies as to humankind and its world.

9 = Mars, planetary ruler of Aries, the point of rebirth and new beginnings, as well as co-ruler with Pluto of Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth, degeneration and regeneration. Before anything new can be born, something old has to die. The signal is loud and clear that, when the truth about the number 144,000 appears at the end of the old regime’s patriarchal religions, the time has come for the religion of the new age to move into the foreground of humankind’s individual and collective consciousness. The energies are beneficial for spreading far and wide the new gospel that there is only one God, the God of love and only one religion, the religion of love and so forth.

1 = the Sun, the masculine giver of all life, planetary ruler of Leo.

2 = the Moon, the feminine nurturing and caring principle of the Universe, planetary ruler of Cancer, the sign of roots and mother, home and ancestry.

3 = Jupiter, the expansive and benevolent planetary ruler of Sagittarius, the sign responsible for the development of humankind’s superconscious faculties and increasing awareness of the regions of the higher aspects of life, finding expression in the religions and philosophies of our world. For as long as they are left to their own devices, Jupiter’s energies also provide us with boundless gullibility and we are ready to swallow anything we see or hear lock, stock and barrel.

5 = Mercury is a symbolism for the human earthly mind. Each one is an extension of the Great Universal mind known as God and at any given moment all have reached a different state of their development. With the passing of time, every human being on its pathway up the spiritual mountain of life slowly but surely evolves into another messenger of the Gods. We then steal their fire – spiritual knowledge – and bring it to the people on Earth for the healing of their wounds.

Mercury is the planetary ruler of Gemini, Air, and Virgo, Earth. The Jupiterian gullibility needs the balancing influence of the Mercurian energies, because they provide us with the ability to sift through and order things, as well as thinking logically and scientifically. And in the course of many lifetimes, we develop the gift known as common sense. It assists us with dealing with the realities and necessities of our earthly existence.

The mutable Earth sign Virgo, ruled by Mercury, is the harvest sign of the zodiac. Lifetimes spent in this sign and its house, the sixth, one way and another find us bringing the spiritual harvest from the highest levels into earthly life to be used for healing and teaching purposes. Virgo’s planetary ruler is Mercury, who to the ancient Greeks was known as Hermes. Both represent the winged messenger of the Gods who steals their fire – knowledge – and brings it to earthly life for the benefit of humankind. In the course of many lifetimes, which take us round the zodiac through every one of its signs and houses, during the ones spent in Virgo and/or its house, our teaching and healing abilities gradually develop.

8 = Saturn, the symbolism for the stern and undeviating schoolmaster aspect of the Divine. Teaching teaches God’s children of the Earth the value of self-discipline and self-mastery is Saturn’s task. When this sign’s energies have served their purpose as teacher, they change into those of the rewarder and the gifts they can then bestow upon us are considerable.

Saturn together with Uranus is the co-ruler of Aquarius. Saturn’s demands are the guardians and keepers, invisible to earthly eyes, of the gate into the freedom of the Aquarian age. No-one is going to be admitted without having taken charge of and mastered the drives and urges of their lower animal nature. Through freely and willingly surrendering our whole being to the will and command of God and the Angels and bringing forth the highest and best within us, we gradually evolve into a Christed one in our own right. The legendary God-man Jesus represents this aspect of every human being’s nature. In picture book form it tells us about the initiations in which every human being has to participate in the course of their earthly education.

The number 144,000 shows that in truth the feminine influence of the Great Mother’s wisdom and love has never been absent from our world. Its presence was destined to reveal itself when the time and energies were right. That’s why as soon as we entered into the Age of Aquarius, the Mother aspect of the Divine Waterbearer began to pour Her wisdom and truth into the consciousness of those whose hearts and souls had opened to love and therefore were ready to receive it. And that’s when humankind’s rebirth into the conscious awareness of God’s true nature and its own really had started.

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16 Apr, 2019
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