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Take the Pain Away 4
Take the Pain Away 4

Take the Pain Away 4

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*caution: bad words are in this text*

He breathed in, leaning closer. And I felt it; my pain, my hurt, my broken pieces disappearing. It was strangely comforting. Then he opened his dark eyes and said "Ava, I would never hurt you. But others wouldn't be so lucky."


Oh god.

He was there. John's twin.

Shit. What is he doing there? What was wrong with me? Why was he there? Why are I the one that he targeted? Does he want to-

My bubbling thoughts were interrupted by John's hand. His warm grasp wrapped around my arm as he dragged me towards my stalker.

"What? No! John, I'm not talking to your freaking twin from the parallel uni-" I started. He shut me up with an angry glare. When he saw my hurt, he slowed just a bit down as his gaze softened. "I need to know why he's always somewhere around you."

Then he proceeded to run faster. "Damn it, John, let go! Not everybody here is a competitive runner." I gritted my teeth, trying to peel his fingers off my elbow.

Too late. We were in front of him.

He looked exactly like John. Same golden hair, same dark eyes that distracted me so easily. The only difference is that John was a just a bit shorter and my stalker had a more chiseled jaw.

"What do you want?" John spat out with a harsh and rough tone. My stalker's gaze flickered to John then he focused on me. He looked at my feet, then worked his way up to my face. He studies my dark curls and sheer gray eyes (search it up. It's like light brown eyes with a splash of gray. Anyway...).

"My name is Jupiter. Call me Jay or Jason please." he said, extending his muscled arm. I stared at his hand. John snorted. "What the fuck? Jupiter? Who the hell named you? A homeless wrinkly grandma?"

Anger flared in Jason's eyes. He stepped forward, tempting a fight.

I slapped John away and he winced. I shouldered my way in front of him, putting myself in between the stupid boys that were both looking for a fist fight.

When John-I mean, Jay saw my in between John and himself, I took a step backward and his gaze softened. Just like John's.

I'm going to have a hard time to tell them apart.

I looked at his hand that was once again outstretched. I took it. His grip was just like John's. Except his was warmer, more comforting.

What has John dragged me into?

Author Notes: Thanks for reading, guys! Please place a review and see ya around!

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About This Story
9 Mar, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
5.0 (3 reviews)

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