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Take the Pain Away 6
Take the Pain Away 6

Take the Pain Away 6

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He breathed in, leaning closer. And I felt it; my pain, my hurt, my broken pieces disappearing. It was strangely comforting. Then he opened his dark eyes and said "Ava, I wouldn't never hurt you. But others wouldn't be so lucky."


John half-carried, half-guided me to a nearby tree. Jay followed, still angry, but John just gave him a look. Jay backed away, mumbling about kidnapping girls. I wanted to scream out in pain. I wanted to push him away and run home. Him and his stupid ego. Protecting me, saving me, blah blah blah. I can take care of myself, thank you very much.

John pushed me against the very tree where I first spotted Jay. "What were you thinking?! Throwing yourself in between us?!" he whisper-yelled, his face inches to mine. My side hurt too much to care of the closeness. I just groaned and attempted to run away.

I pushed one strong arm aside, and John obviously let me. He could keep me caged easily. I took at few steady steps then announced "I'm fine. I'm totally-" I tripped on one of the tree's roots, sending me flying.

One steely band wrapped around my waist. I lurched forward, only making a few inches before John's arm hauled me back, steadying me with the tree.

I groaned again, trying to peel away John's fingers. He let me do so, again, and I stepped back, away from the tree, again, yearning for some space. But of course, John being John, put me right back. I just moaned and held my side, not caring further about him. The pain was too sharp, too strong, to not-human.

I squeezed my eyes shut, took a deep breath, then opened them again, blinking a few times. I met John's gaze, head on. "He's not human, John. That Jay is not human."

There was first surprise, then confusion, then amusement. I felt suddenly irritated. "And what makes you think that?" he mused, holding my elbows again.

I tried shaking him off, his touch making me distracted and uncomfortable. I flinched at he leaned closer and repeated "Ava, what makes you think that Jay isn't human?"

"He's strong, and-and...weird..." I said. "And he's also stalking me." I added.

John's eyes twitched and I could see a bit of hurt.


Why was John feeling insulted and wounded?

Why. Is. He. Hurt?

Then it hit me.

The weird gleam in John's eyes, the chiseled jaw, the slightly taller frame.

I inhaled sharply, catching a vanilla scent.

Not John. Not John at all.

Jason, my stalker, the inhuman creature, the weirdo, was inches from me.

Author Notes: Sorry I haven't done some writes in a bit! Hope you enjoyed and feel free to place a comment! Tell me if I should write more... :P

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19 Mar, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
5.0 (2 reviews)

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