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Take the Pain Away 7
Take the Pain Away 7

Take the Pain Away 7


He breathed in, leaning closer. And I felt it; my pain, my hurt, my broken pieces disappearing. It was strangely comforting. Then he opened his dark eyes and said "Ava, I wouldn't never hurt you. But others wouldn't be so lucky."


I slightly lifted my shirt. And, oh my dear Lord, there was a mass of purple-blue-black bruise blooming on my side. This was going to take weeks to heal and a few days until it stops hurting and starts becoming sore.

I pushed Jason away and started running away. Away from Jay. Away from John. Away from their stupid fight. Away from everything.

Running with a wound hurts a lot more that standing still. Pain meds. Strong ones. I promised myself. I unfocused myself from the hurt. I concentrated from the school gate, growing closer and closer. Almost there. Almost out of this place. Almost away from Ja-

A noticed a blur on my right. And then Jason was just suddenly there, in front of me. I skidded to a stop, and started to run the other way.

He stopped me again, by only being a blur at the edge of my vision. He titled his head, his golden hair falling past his eyes. "I can play this game all day, Ava. But you cannot."

I knew he was right. But shivers crawled over my skin. "How do you know my name?" I asked, my voice barely above a whisper. He shrugged, then grinned. "I know things."

"You just took creepy to unknown levels of creepytastic." I stated, taking an involuntary step back. He laughed, as it was a nice sound. Attractive, even, if it was coming from anybody else.

But, nope, it was coming from Jay. My. Fucking. Stalker.

I started to take steps back, keeping a good distance in between Jay and I. Then he became a blur. Oh no-
He was right in my face. I inhaled sharply, surprised. "Leave me alone." I snarled. He chuckled-he actually chuckled-and lifted my shirt and put one hand on my wound.

The nerve! I punched him, out of reflex and adrenaline. He grabbed my wrist before I could even get close to his stricken yet beautiful features.

Then I felt it.

An iciness flowed from his fingertips and palm. It felt like he was holding a freezing ice pack to my ribs. I slapped his hand away, but he didn't even flinch.

After a few awkward seconds of me trying to peel away from him, he removed his hand from under my stupid shirt. He gave me a charming crooked grin.

He is a charmer, that for sure.

"See you soon." Jay's grin widened.

I scoffed. "See me soon? Over my dead body, dipshit."

"Very funny." He rolled his beautiful eyes playfully.

"Not funny. Keep away from me."

He shook his head and crossed his arms, all serious. But I could see his lips pulling up into a teasing smile.

"See you soon." he repeated.

"See you never."

Jason gave me one final grin and then he was a blur all over again.

Then he was gone.

I stared at the place where he was. Then I noticed my ribs didn't hurt anymore. With the whole heated argument and chasing, I didn't notice the pain went away. I lifted my shirt.

My bruise was gone, as if it was never there in the first place.

Author Notes: Yay! Part 7! Thanks to everybody that motivated me to write, especially Oxygen, that has been my #1 "fan" for this series. Thanks so much, Oxygen, for giving reviews and motivating me. (Oh and, by the way, Oxygen is a great writer and you should check out her stories and poems :P)

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About This Story
20 Mar, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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