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Tenderly Cared For
Tenderly Cared For

Tenderly Cared For


The Fall Of Humankind – Part Three

Tenderly Cared For

This is the continuation of the messages from the White Eagle group of spirit guides of the past two days: ‘The cells and atoms of every physical body, human and animal alike, is created through condensing the light of the Christ Star to a sufficient density that they appear as matter that is visible to earthly eyes. A number of different bodies are worn underneath your outer physical vehicle that is required for getting around on planet Earth. The other bodies also consist of the Christ light though of a less condensed finer texture. That’s why they are programmed with the instinctive urge to grow and evolve, the same as everything else that exists anywhere in the whole of God’s Creation. From the moment of your first release – not fall – into earthly life, the Christ or Great light has constantly been drawing you towards Itself.

‘All creatures that share Mother Earth with you are equally loved and tenderly cared for by God and the Angels and Masters of the spirit realm. Assisted by countless friends and helpers on the lower levels of our world, every lifeform is nurtured and protected and its development is unfolding in keeping with God’s great plan of life. For human beings this means protecting you against yourselves, whenever the need for it arises and things are in danger of getting out of hand. As soon as one of you ventures too far from the predestined pathway of your present lifetime, something happens that nudges you back onto it. If there is no other way of getting through to your earthly self, occasionally this has to happen in not too gentle a manner. There may have to be an illness or an accident to wake you up. This is how all of us are constantly provided with the experiences that are right for us at any given moment and that applies to you in your world as much as to us in ours.

‘A special Guardian Angel is allocated to each newly born spirit/soul, who accompanies the youngster throughout the whole of its earthly education. Taking care of you is part of your Angel’s own evolutionary pathway, which it pursues the same as everybody and everything else. Nothing and nobody is excluded from the evolutionary process. And because all of us have been programmed in the same manner, our hopes and aspirations during every part of our education are relentlessly reaching forwards and upwards. This is also true for you, even though for a long time you are likely to have been unaware of what was happening to you.

‘For every one of us, you in your world and we in ours, reaching out towards the highest levels of life always have been and forever will be our aim. Alas, during the first stage of its earthly education our small selves have no idea that the essence of our being is spirit/soul. This aspect of our being is eternal and immortal, the same as God, and will never die. It takes a long time until you become aware that good as well as evil are part of God’s nature and therefore also yours. In every human being they have always been working like two wheels that eventually melt into one. Good represents the higher evolved Christ nature and evil the lower unevolved part of God’s nature, your own and all life.

‘Since the beginning of human life on the Earth, the lower self’s pathway of suffering has activated the higher aspects of everyone’s nature. That’s how, with the passing of time, together they are moving the small self forwards and upwards on its predestined pathway. This continues until the higher nature has taken over its lower counterpart and together they have evolved into a healed and perfect son/daughter of God, a Christed one in its own right.

‘And because on the inner level there is no separation between anything, each time another one of you is coming home into their true nature and through this the two parts of your being are healing into one, all of humankind and your whole world are healing with you. That is the hidden esoteric meaning behind the surface words of the Christian teaching that all people shall be raised up to the Son/Sun. It means that in due course every one of them will evolve into a Christed who is consciously taking part in the radiance of the Great Light and helping it to manifest its beneficial influence on the Earth.

‘But for a moment let’s return to the newly born spirit/soul. Unconscious of its uniqueness and that it is a very precious and potentially highly talented individual, it enters into earthly life for the first time, unaware of the fact that the essence of its being is a masculine spirit and a feminine soul. And because the two are inseparable, the same as God and Goddess, from now on we shall be calling them spirit/soul. To help them become aware of their individuality from time to time this unit finds itself temporarily clothed in a physical body. At first the two are at loggerheads with their earthly self and for as long as they are longing to return to their source, their lower counterpart can make no progress on its predestined pathway other than learning all it can about its own nature and its environment.

‘When the time for discovering its spiritual nature and the background of its earthly existence has come for the small self, the Angels are guiding it towards finding out about its Divine origin and the wise one or living God within, its inner teacher or intuition. This brings with it the realisation that good and evil are two aspects of every human being’s nature as well as all life, and that good is the Christ part of its own being who has always longed for its counterpart, the small earthly self, to wake up from its slumber and become aware of who and what it truly is.

‘The Sun in your birthcharts is a symbol of your Highest or God Self, the Christ spirit in whom we are all one and whose light is persistently drawing all lifeforms towards itself, including earthly ones. Every creature anywhere is tenderly cared for by the Great Father/Mother of all life. The Angels and Masters on the highest levels of life are in charge of their development and on the lower levels of the spirit world countless friendly guides and helpers are serving them. All together these beings have always been steering every human being through the inevitable highs and lows of their earthly existence, complete with its emotional whirlpools, traps and crevices. Sometimes you have to walk or fall into one of them for a while. But do not worry unnecessarily when you do. Trust that the invisible hands of your spirit friends and helpers will forever be there to pull you out and place you onto a smoother stretch of your predestined pathway.

‘That’s how every human being, and once more we remind you that we too belong to this species and once walked the Earth just like you are doing now, is at all times moving round and round the zodiac. Each can only learn from their own experiences which are taking you through every one of its signs and houses. During the first round you are getting to know the lowest and most negative aspects of each Sun sign and house. But each new round takes you one level higher up the evolutionary spiral of life. In this way everyone’s development is slowly but surely constantly moving upwards and forwards on the road that in the end takes all of us to the top of the spiritual mountain, i.e. the conscious reunion with God.

‘In this manner one earthly lifetime after another every spirit/soul receives its nourishment from the Divine light and is drawn to it that bit closer. Through this the strength of the spark’s light in the cells of your physical body steadily increases. And that’s what, with the passing of time, brings about the awakening of your Christ nature. When this is going to happen for each individual is part of God’s plan for that person’s life which is designed whenever a new spark is born.

‘Never forget that every one of us, you in your world and we in ours, is a unique and very precious creature. Irrespective of where anyone may presently find themselves on their individual learning curve, the highest and the lowest are treated with the same love and respect all of us deserve equally as a Divine spark and child of the Highest. Every moment of our existence we are tenderly cared for and provisions are made for our true needs. And whatever may be required for your lessons, in keeping with God’s plan for you within the great plan of life, when the time is right it does appear without you having to ask for it.

‘All of us are also specially gifted in some way. When you become aware of your true nature and the higher purpose of your existence, it may dawn of you that you could have gifts and talents you have not yet recognised. They could be waiting to be unearthed, taken possession of and developed to full blossoming by you. The best way of finding out whether this is the case for you is by paying attention to your inner guidance and taking an interest in the things and themes you feel naturally drawn to at the time of your awakening.

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20 Jul, 2019
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