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Thanksgiving: The Holiday Celebrated With Homicide!

Thanksgiving: The Holiday Celebrated With Homicide!

By Kat Dickens

Thanksgiving, a holiday celebrated with homicide. Where over 46 million of our fellow turkeys are viciously murdered to satisfy the never-ending hunger of the maniac monsters known as humans. Never before have us turkeys faced such heartless killers! For these monsters seem to have no end to their homicidal greed! This greed claims the lives of 250 million turkeys in the US alone, killed in their youth before they live to see their second birthday, and the humans' cruelty doesn't end there, the birds who are made into victims by these killers, meet their end while they are still conscious. Tragically it seems that the humans' cruelty just grows with each passing year.

The heartless nations know as the United States, and Israel are the world's top turkey killing nations. Furthermore, the US alone claims 46 million birds for their "thanksgiving", 22 are murdered for their "Christmas", and 19 more are lost for "easter"! When will the tragedy end? Their cruelty goes farther than just the killing, the poor birds who find themselves in the Humans' hands, will live their short lives in one of the thousand of depressing factory farms, and they are hatched without the warmth and love of their mothers. They are confined into cells that have thousands of turkeys crammed together. These unlucky souls can only free from the torment of these farms through the blade of the butcher and the endless sleep that follows.

The billion of lives that have been claimed most never lived to be older than 21 weeks old. The hens are claimed when they are around 14-16 weeks old, while the males are claimed at about 18-20 weeks of age. May those who have been lost never be forgotten.

The way the domed turkeys meet their end reflects on the heartless nature of their killers. These killers viciously kill their unlucky victims while they are still conscious and well aware of what is happening. They soon to be victims find themselves shackled by there legs, and then hung upside down. Then their throats are slit by a circular blade, then they are thrown into a scalding tank! However, due to the fact that they are conscious during this, they often miss the blade and are thrown into the scalding tank while they are still alive. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of agony this caused them.

The amount of terror and grief the humans cause us is immeasurable. The impact they have had on our species is immense. They have murdered our sons and daughters, our mothers and fathers, our friends and family without showing an ounce of mercy. They reign like tyrants over us, only taking from us, and never giving anything in return. They raise us for the slaughter, and rip our families apart. Our young are raised without knowing their mothers. And with each passing year, their cruelty only seems to grow, and I can't help but wonder when will it end?

Author Notes: For the record, I am NOT vegan or anything like that (I like bacon way too much) and I just thought this would be a funny (in an odd and dark way) twist to the Thanksgiving holiday. Please rate and tell me what you think. I hope you like it!

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About The Author
Kat Dickens
About This Story
15 Dec, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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