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That One Summer Night (Chapter 4)
That One Summer Night (Chapter 4)

That One Summer Night (Chapter 4)

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CHAPTER 4: Maybe I Could

“We just talked, that's all” said Rem as she scratched the back of her head. Rose looked confused but nodded in response. I looked past Rose and saw the others already beginning to start a campfire. “You started without us?” said Rem.”Well you guys were gone for a few hours, so we decided to start.” replied Rose.

We sat down near the campfire and Mike started handing out barbeque sticks to everyone. I was sitting by myself, facing the sea as I admired the beautiful sound of the crashing waves. Suddenly Daniel sat next to me. “So…. mind telling me what you two have been up to?” asked Daniel, I took a bite out of my barbeque. “Well… we just talked about…. Things.”

Daniel chuckled. “Things? Nah it was something else wasn’t it? Did you confess to her!?” I punched Daniel in the shoulder. “Confessed!? No! I just asked her about the person she likes.” Daniel stroked his chin. “And..?” What else?” asked Daniel.

“Turns out the person she likes, has a thing for someone else…. And now she doesn’t want to confess to him.” I replied. Daniel patted me on the shoulder. “No need to worry about Rem my friend, for tonight I shall confess to Rose and tell Rem everything she needs to know about confessions!”

I punched Daniel again. “I know you're trying to be funny….. But don’t do that.” Daniel scratched the back of his head. “Okay… Okay” Mike then suddenly called us both. We made our way back to the campfire where Mike is explaining something.

“Okay let’s play truth or dare!” said Mike. Pete then threw sand at Mike “We ain’t kids anymore you know!” Rose then stood up. “I like it! Let’s play truth or dare!” Pretty much after that, everyone was on board with the idea.

The first one who was asked was Audrey. “Dare!” confidently said by Audrey. Pete grinned “I dare you to go back into the water for a minute.” Audrey chuckled. “Is that it? Please, piece of cake.” Audrey quickly ran into the water, and once she dipped her feet she screamed. “I HATE IT! IT'S TOO COLD!”

Pete smiled “Full minute Audrey!” Up next was Rose and the one to ask her was Mike. “Truth or Dare?” Rose thought about it for a while. “Dare…?” Mike quickly replied. “Eat sand now!” With no hesitation Rose grabbed a handful of sand and stuffed it into her mouth. “Ack! Salty!”

The next to be asked was Rem and it was Daniel’s turn to ask. “Truth or dare” Rem immediately answered. “Dare” Daniel shook his head. “Aw man, why does everyone pick dare?” Rem chuckled “Alright what do you have for me?” Daniel smiled. “I want you to run from here back to the inn and back here twice!”

Rem grumbled and started running. The rest of the turns were pretty boring since everyone started picking truth. About twenty minutes passed and Rem still hasn’t come back yet. Rose got up and pulled me away. “We’ll find Rem, right Alex?” I nodded but I had no choice but to comply.

Me and Rose walked the dark path back to the inn. It had barely any light to see where you were going. “Jeez, and Daniel made Rem run back and forth from here.” Rose chuckled. “Daniel didn’t account for it.” We continued to walk.

I thought to myself that this was my chance to tell Rose I like her! I could do it! My hands were shaking from the nervousness that I was feeling. But if I do it…. I would have betrayed Daniel. Dammit why did he have to tell me now!

Rose stopped and turned to me “Umm… Alex? Are you okay?” I snapped out of my line of thought and smiled at her. “Y-Yeah I’m fine….” In the end I always knew I didn’t have the guts to do it…

Rose smiled back at me. “You seem to have a lot in your mind lately….you can tell me about it!” I shook my head. “It’s… nothing, trust me” I replied. I may have said that, but it wasn’t nothing, right now I feel very conflicted and a little confused on what to do….

We continued walking until I suddenly stopped. Rose looked back at me. “Alex?”: I had to do it! I took a deep breath and spoke. “Rose…. I love you.”

Author Notes: Okay, sorry for the long wait! Anyway here it is, Chapter 4!

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