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That One Summer Night (Chapter 2)
That One Summer Night (Chapter 2)

That One Summer Night (Chapter 2)

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Chapter 2: A Trip to the Beach

The night went by so quickly and before I knew it, it was already morning. Lazily, I got out of bed and took a quick shower and grabbed my bag filled to the brim with supplies I bought yesterday. I made my father a cup of his favorite double espresso before leaving. I also left a note saying that I went on ahead to the station where me and the others were supposed to meet.

Once I arrived, I looked around for the others, but it turns out I was the first to arrive. Minutes passed, then half an hour. I fell asleep until someone woke me up by poking the side of my cheek. β€œ Hey! Helloooo! Wake up!” said Rose as she repeatedly poked my cheek. β€œ Okay! Okay! Im up!” I mumbled as I struggled to cover my cheek from an incoming barrage of pokes.

Rose laughs as she stops poking me and settles her bag beside my feet. β€œ Looks like we're the first two to arrive!” Rose said, as she let out a beautiful smile that got my heart beating faster, I looked at her and said β€œ Looks like it I gue-” I was interrupted by a text, it was Daniel! We’ll be there in a few minutes, Audrey decided it was a good time to go for a last minute stop at a convenience store! The text read.

Rose glanced at my phone and sat beside me. β€œ Had a good sleep last night Alex?” she asked as she tied her hair. I was at a loss, my heart beated faster as she moved closer to me, I had to snap out of it! β€œ Hey, Earth to Alex!” Rose said as she looked at my face. β€œ Oh, sorry! Uhh, yeah! I got a good sleep last night.” I said, as I scratched my head in embarrassment.

She laughed and then smiled at me. β€œOh really? You look like you pulled an all nighter with you zoning out like that.” She said as her laughter continued. That smile, that laugh, they are one of the many reasons I fell in love with Rose, but if you were to ask the main reason why, she was the first person to really make me smile so genuinely.

I smiled and then laughed as well β€œ Do I really?” I asked, she chuckled β€œ With that bed head of yours? Of course!” she said as she brought out a comb from her bag and handed it to me. β€œThanks.” I told her, she smiled and said. β€œ No problem!β€β€œ

ROSE! ALEX! WERE HERE!” shouted Mike as they got closer to us. Once they met us, we all got inside the train. It wasn’t very spacious so we had to split into 2 groups of four. Daniel, Rem and Rose were with me, while Audrey, Pete, Isha and Mike made up the other group. We sat on the left side while the others took the right.

I was about to sit with Rose until Rem pulled on my shirt β€œ Nope, I ain’t sitting with Daniel, he snores a lot!” she complained. Daniel immediately sat beside Rose and said β€œ Mean! But it's fine by me.” About 2 hours passed and everyone was asleep except me.


I needed to think of what to say to Rose tonight! Maybe I should do it after dinner. I sat there for a long time, staring at the window as we passed by building after building. I then started hearing music coming from my left ear. I turned to my left and saw Rem, slowly putting an earphone in my left ear. Once she finished, she went back to sleep immediately, not even saying a single word.

I was puzzled, but I liked the gesture. I continued staring outside the window, while Rem’s music played on my ear. β€œ She loves The Beatles a lot huh.” I mumbled under my breath as I noticed the buildings appeared less and less outside.

Before I knew it I fell asleep leaning on the window. I was woken up by the train’s sudden stop, we have finally arrived. I woke the others up and we quickly got out of the train. We then started looking for the inn we were staying the night at.

We followed a long narrow road with barely any street lights. β€œ Must be scary at night!” Pete shuddered, Audrey looked at him and laughed β€œ You and the dark were never meant to be.” We continued on until we finally found the beachside inn. Daniel and Rose talked to the owner for a while until she gave us a thumbs up.

The boys shared one room and the girls shared another. We finished bringing up our bags and we quickly changed to our beach attire. Once everyone was done, we all met up at the beach and started setting up our beach umbrella.

While I was helping Pete with the umbrella, Daniel tapped me on the shoulder and said β€œHey Alex, Can I talk to you for a second?” I was puzzled, what does he wanna talk about? β€œYeah sure.” I replied. He led me to a packed beach bar filled with families on vacation and shady looking old men only there for a quick smoke.

We sat down on the last free table in the bar, Daniel signaled the waiter and ordered two vanilla milkshakes. β€œSo what did you want to talk about?” I asked Daniel. β€œWell, you know when you really like someone and you just wanna tell them about it so bad.” said Daniel. I laughed and shot him a grin β€œYou mean you want to confess to someone?” I asked.

β€œWhat! No! I mean…. kind of?” Daniel replied. Our milkshakes arrived and I took a sip and asked Daniel β€œWho’s the girl?” Daniel looked troubled at first and then he said β€œ Don’t tell anyone! Okay?” I gave him a smile and said β€œYeah of course! And plus I get dibs on best man, okay?” We both laughed β€œ Alright then make sure to save the date.” Daniel replied.

β€œSo, who is it?” I asked again, β€œ It's Rose.” Daniel said. I was confused β€œWait who now?” I asked again β€œDude, its Rose” repeated Daniel. What!? Why is he bringing this up now? I wanted to confess to her tonight but… Daniel likes her too! I was frozen for a while, unable to process what was happening.

What am I going to do? If I go through with what I planned, Daniel is going to hate me but if I let Daniel confess to her it will break me. β€œHey! Alex you good?” asked Daniel. β€œYeah, yeah i'm fine.” I replied. Daniel took a big sip of his milkshake and asked me β€œCould you help me confess tonight?”

And once again I was faced with another problem. I don't know what to do anymore! If I help him then I can’t confess but if I don’t Daniel would be bummed about it. β€œ Yeah sure I’ll do it!” I said with a smile that took a lot to do. β€œGreat! I just need you to distract everyone else tonight while I find a way to get some alone time with Rose, okay?” said Daniel. I nodded in agreement, and once we were done with our milkshakes we headed back to the others.


Author Notes: Sorry if chapter 2 took a while, I just had trouble writing out the story. Thanks for reading! Do leave a review as it does help me with my writing!

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29 May, 2020
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