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The Acceptable Time Of The Lord
The Acceptable Time Of The Lord

The Acceptable Time Of The Lord


Miracles And Wonders – Part Seven

The six-pointed star is a symbolism of the healing process that leads to what the Christian teachings call ‘the acceptable time of the Lord’. The Lord represents every human being’s higher God or Christ nature. Trust this part of your being to bring about the healing miracle. It surely will do so as soon as the right conditions have been created. This is the case when the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that were stored in your soul memories have at last been dissolved. Never give up hope that at the right moment this will also be the case for you and that sooner or later you will get there. So be as still as possible and wait for the unfoldment of your very own healing miracle. Keep on keeping on doing your best and living with hope in your heart and trusting that God and the Angels are going to do the rest, as they surely will.

Everything in the whole of Creation consists of My light. The vibrations of that which is visible to earthly eyes have merely been slowed down and that also applies to every cell and atom of all physical bodies, human and animal alike. Now that you are aware of this, imagine that every part of your being is filling more and more with My light and the white healing magic of My energies that has always been flowing into everything that takes part in earthly life. It flows through the rays of the Sun in the sky above you. I am the Sun of all suns, the Light of all lights and the Sun behind your Sun. Even if the sky is covered by thick clouds, My rays still penetrate it.

Nothing in the whole of Creation is ever wasted. Everything is recycled and used again somewhere else. The fears and anxieties of all human soul memories that resulted from the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions, spread by the religions of your world and to this day by the mass media, are stored in humankind’s individual and collective soul memories. For as long as they remain stored in the cells and atoms of any physical body, that person will remain trapped on the earthly plane.

Tell those who are hoping for a healing miracle of their own that they are waiting to be absorbed into the light of Me, their higher God or Christ nature. In the temple of My loving heart they need to be uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing energies that are flowing to wherever they are needed, and especially when someone asks for them anywhere in the whole of Creation. Share with those in search of a healing miracle that the only way of bringing it about is through dissolving layer upon layer of the soul memories that are stored in the cells of every human physical body and affecting their lower self on the subconscious level. As this process is similar to the peeling of an onion, encourage people never to give up. The older and more experienced their spirit/soul is, the more layers have to be removed.

This continues until one fine day they are going to feel that some real progress has been made. This means they have reached ‘the acceptable time of the Lord’ mentioned earlier. On this road they may get easier days when they think that they really are moving forwards. But alas, to their greatest disappointment the next day may well be as hard and difficult to cope with again as any of the previous ones, creating the impression of moving one step forwards and two back. This, however, is definitely not the case. It’s just that on the difficult days it’s nose to the grindstone and, together with their Highest Self, getting on with shedding another layer of their soul memories and of the blockage.

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16 Jan, 2020
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3 mins
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