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The Archangel Michael’s Sword of Truth
The Archangel Michael’s Sword of Truth

The Archangel Michael’s Sword of Truth


From 'The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World'

The Archangel Michael’s Sword Of Truth

The Archangel Michael wields a golden sword that represents spiritual truth. For the time being, I the Universal Christ, can only get the Angel to place a miniature version of this tool into a limited number of hands that are ready to receive it. But in due course even the last one of you will have tuned the receiver/transmitter station of their earthly mind into My frequency, so that the Angels around My throne can at last bring My truth to all of you. I takes a long time until the Divine spark in human hearts and souls during their earthly lifetimes stirs from its slumber and the child in the manger, the Christ child is born in yet another one of them.

To this day there are many in your midst who have the greatest difficulties grasping that with My will and the help of the Angels all things are possible, every crooked corner can be made straight and any condition healed. Although for the time being these people are finding it impossible to believe that this could be true when they can see, with their limited earthly perception, that so much is amiss with your world and in their view downright wrong. Take heart, for these souls the moment will also come when their inner vision opens and they too will understand that in spite of what they are witnessing around them, life on the earthly plane – the same as everywhere else – is unfolding in accordance with My great plan.

The Archangel Michael’s sword of truth will eventually enable even the last one of you to cut through the Gordion Knot of prejudices, superstitions and false beliefs that has held humankind in bondage to their earthly existence for long enough now. For sufficiently evolved souls the time has come for setting themselves free. That’s why the Angels are placing the sword of truth into their hands so that they can begin to cut themselves and the whole of your world free.

The Gordion knot gave its name to a proverbial term for problems that can only be solved by a bold action. In 333 BC Alexander the Great, on his march through Anatolia reached Gordium, the capital of Phrygia. There he was shown the chariot of the ancient founder of the city, Gordius. The yoke of the vehicle was lashed to the pole by means of an intricate knot whose end was hidden. According to a local tradition, this knot could only be untied by someone who was going to be the future conqueror and ruler of Asia. It is thought that Alexander sliced through the knot with his sword and this how the expression ‘cutting the Gordian knot’ came to denote finding bold solutions to complicated problems.

Be that as it may, whatever you do spiritually has to be for real and the spiritual truth you receive directly from Me, through your inner guidance, is the St. Michael’s sword the Angels and I are placing into your hands. When it is correctly applied, i.e. unselfishly, with honesty and integrity for the highest good of all, this weapon guards and protects you in every crisis you may yet have to encounter. It provides you with the strength of the Great Mother’s wisdom and love, which helps you to overcome all obstacles on the inner and outer planes of your existence. Therefore, do not be afraid of anything, but attune yourself to the Angels, so that they can work through you and show you how to manifest their power in your daily life.

As the Divine spark in ever more of you awakens and develops into a small still flame of love, My light in you grows ever brighter, so much so that it gradually dissolves all darkness of the earthly life around you. The dream I have for you, My beloved children of the Earth, consists of a flood of light, joy and thanksgiving that increasingly flows from all human hearts and souls on the Earth plane. The spiritual light of My wisdom and truth that for some time has been dawning in your world can be likened to a beautiful sunrise. My light is flowing ever more powerfully into each one of you and from there into the whole of your planet. And the Angels and I rejoice that the dark night of humankind’s and the Earth’s spiritual winter is almost over.

You are all individuals and each one of you on their own, though hand in hand with the Angels and Me, has to pass through their very own mystical soul experiences. To encourage you to persevere, we occasionally allow you to catch glimpses of My eternal light and the heavenly splendour and glory that are waiting for each one of you on the highest planes of life. When this happens, for fleeting moments you have the impression of knowing and understanding the way of all things, as indeed you do during these breathtaking occurrences. They are sometimes given to earthly souls to give them a better idea of the bliss of the place that is their true home. This place has always been waiting for each one of you at the end of another lifetime on the Earth. There would be no point in trying to hold on to such precious visions. It is impossible because they are a matter of feelings that cannot be described in the words that are available to you.

The spiritual development of every soul proceeds in a different manner and each one of you has to follow their own individual path back home into the oneness with Me. Truly, there is no point in attempting to design plans for the enlargement of spiritual powers that would work for all of you. And any kind of endeavour at trying to bring the whole of humankind onto one particular spiritual pathway, if need be by force, is bound to fail. It is part of My great plan of life that each one of you can only see the highest levels of life through their own individually shaped and coloured window of perception. All of you together, but still each one at their own sweet pace, is constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral. This continues until for you the rays of My light have finally become a single one, the Great White Light, in whom all colours of the rainbow are blended into one.

Do not allow the heaviness of Mother Earth’s vibrations to keep you tied down, but try to release yourself from them. This you do by constantly seeking My help and guidance and bringing forth from deep within your own being the highest and the best you are capable of. Reach up to the highest forces of life, the vibrant power of the Angels and Masters, so they can help you to resolve all earthly concerns and issues. They are happy to assist anyone who wishes to evolve into a Master soul and a Christed one in their own right. This you do when you walk in the footsteps and follow the example of a Master soul, like the one depicted by the Jesus legend. Showing you how to go about it has always been the true purpose and meaning behind this tale.

Although the Masters in the world of light dwell on a higher plane of life, do not think of them as something super-human. In truth they are probably more human than any one of you who is still treading the pathway of evolving into a Master soul in its own right. They have travelled the same road as you are doing now and therefore had the same obstacles to overcome and the stones that are cutting your feet now, also once made theirs bleed and hurt. Master souls are not some kind of magnificent beings who dwell apart from humankind. True to their real nature, they are tender souls who empathise and feel with you in every hardship and disappointment you have to endure. They know your weaknesses and they enjoy your strengths. The Masters of the spirit groups that support you invite you into their aura, so that you may learn to love they way do, totally and unconditionally, like Me.

And when you walk hand in hand with the Angels and them, and practise your truth in all you do, with the passing of time they are going to help you to develop the art of listening to the spoken words of the highest forces of Creation. You will then be able to tune into their thoughts that are traversing the ethers on the inner plane of life. If you still needed it, this will provide you with some definite proof of the Angels and Masters at work. In your daily spiritual practice, quiet reflections and meditations communicate with them. This does in no way set you apart from the events of everyday life around you. As time goes by, it will help you to become ever more powerfully conscious of the all-pervading spiritual forces that are constantly working behind the scenes of earthly life.

This is how the wheel of life and progress, whose symbol is the astrological zodiac, will keep turning forever. Out of the long chain of the experiences of many lifetimes every one of you, My beloved children of the Earth, eventually reaps the rewards and blessings that your own Divine characteristics and consciousness are creating and then bringing to you. To all of you in the end this process takes you into the perfect unions and the peaceful and harmonious existence your soul has been yearning for and dreaming of in the course of many lifetimes.

And because the law of evolution demands that whenever one earthly lesson has been learned by one of you, their spirit and soul has to move on to their next educational phase. That is why people at times cannot help behaving in a manner that is hard or even impossible to understand by those around them. Being aware of this, wise ones are tolerant and refuse to criticise or sit in judgement over anyone. They know only too well that the only freedom of choice you have in earthly life is how to respond to any of the experiences that come your way. Recognising the guiding hand of the Divine behind all happenings on the Earth plane enables wise ones to walk the pathway of their lives humbly and to cultivate nothing but love and compassion, tolerance and forgiveness in all their encounters.

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7 Aug, 2018
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