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The Awakening
The Awakening

The Awakening

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The Awakening

One fine day, though more likely during the cold,
Dark and lonely small hours of a night,
When we are at our wits end,
Trying to make some sense of earthly life
Where too many nasty and downright evil things
Seem to be the order of the day,
Sleep won’t come and we toss and turn.
Suddenly we feel the need to pray,
Even though we’ve never prayed before
And have no idea how to go about it.
The only prayer we know is the Lord’s prayer
And when we quietly say it to ourselves
Over and over again, sleep eventually comes.
And that once was the start of my bedtime prayers.

This is a sign that the Divine spark in our heart
Is stirring from its slumber and
Our superconscious faculties are starting
To open and unfold.
Unbeknown to us, we have reached
The beginning of the end
Of our homeward bound evolutionary journey of
Of being educated in the earthly school of life,
Ready to be returned by our Highest Self into the
Conscious awareness of God’s true nature,
Our own and our relationship with the Divine,
But so far we have no idea that there is
Something like a Higher and lower self.

Time and again our earthly self works its way
Round the whole of the zodiac.
In the course of many lifetimes
We become familiar with the
Negative as well as the positive characteristics
Of every sign and house.
In this process we mature from a beginner
In the earthly school of life into spiritual adulthood.
Old and experienced souls
No longer have difficulties grasping
That every human being is part of God
As much as God is part of us;
That on the inner level the whole of
Humankind is one big family in which
We are all connected with each other.
Because of this, when one of us gets hurt,
All of us are feeling the pain and suffers with them.

During the early stages of our earthly education,
We are disinclined to reach out
For the blessing, healing and helping hands
Of God and the Angels.
Why should we? As we cannot see them,
As far as we are concerned,
They do not exist.
But eventually we reach the point
When our superconscious faculties
Start to unfold.
We find out that everybody
Has an inner teacher and guide,
Who has always tried to communicate
With us intuitively.
Now the time has come for consciously connecting
With this our inner guidance,
Paying attention to and following the advice of
The wise one or living God within,
Who knows the way of all things and
Has the answers to all our questions.

For this is now happening to ever more of us.
The Christ Spirit is the living God within
And the Master Jesus is the symbol
Of this part of everyone’s own nature,
Who is calling the whole of humankind
Ever more urgently to become
Aware that humankind’s true nature
Is love and that on the inner level of life
We have always remained at one with God,
The Great White Spirit, Father/Mother Creator,
And their only born Son/Daughter,
The spirit of the Universal Christ,
Who to this day speaks to us
Through the Jesus legend.

Our Divine parents care for us
More than we frequently do for ourselves.
God’s nature is love and so is ours.
Trusting that all is well with the Divine architect’s
Great plan of life and the goodness of
The life we have been given,
Loving it and its Creator with all our hearts and souls,
That alone can bring true and lasting happiness
And the peace we and our world have been
Dreaming of for a long, long time.
Finding it is every human being’s birthright and
The Angels in spirit realm are waiting for our call,
So they can show us through our in-tuition,
The long promised new world teacher,
Our inner guidance,
How each one of us can do
Their share of making it happen.

For a long time God and the Angels have been
Waiting to be asked for assistance with this task.
They are ready and willing to show the way
To everyone who requests it in their times
Of prayers, meditations and quiet reflections.
All we have to do is call.
And that’s why an increasing desire for praying
Fills ever more human hearts to ask for
The healing of our world and
Everything that shares it with us,
So that in God’s way and time
Peace and prosperity may come
To our whole world.

* * *

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8 May, 2019
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