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The Background Of The Lord’s Prayer
The Background Of The Lord’s Prayer

The Background Of The Lord’s Prayer


Part One

Although the Lord’s Prayer is considered by many as the prayer of all prayers, it is an ancient one that existed in different forms long before Christianity ‘adopted’ it from the religions of the Gnostic movement. All other details of the Jesus story came about the same way. To hide this background, the Roman church after a while declared the Gnostic religions as ‘pagan’ and false beliefs. This too was part of the Age of Pisces, the age of deceptions, blind faith, martyrdom and suffering. The brightest light casts the deepest shadows and the combined force of the energies of this sign’s ruling planets Jupiter’s and Neptune’s saw to it that this is indeed what happened.

As many know by now, everything that takes place in earthly life or anywhere else in the whole of Creation does so with the will and wishes of the Highest. Nothing is ever wasted and all things serve a wise higher purpose. There is no doubt in my mind that it has been part of God’s great plan of life that, in the course of the Piscean Age, our race should fully explore the unfathomable depths to which the human small earthly self is capable of sinking. This applies especially when it comes to dealing out inhumanities towards each other and the rest of God’s Creation that we can lay our greedy hands on. What could have served this purpose better than the Jesus legend, which God and the Angels gave our world at the beginning of the Piscean Age?

The religion that developed around this tale was based on the insistence that every word of it is literally true. Anybody who dared to doubt this and speak up about it, was a heretic who needed to be removed by whatever means their tormentors could think of, the more cruel and ugly the better. The inquisition and witch hunts served this purpose well. The truth had to wait until the Age of Aquarius would be with us. It is the age of truth that flows directly from the highest levels of life into every heart and soul that tunes the receiver/transmitter station of its earthly mind into the frequencies of the highest levels of life. God and the Angels would then be revealing that Jesus never was a historical figure, that the story of his life is but a legend and that the truth every human being is in earthly life to seek has always been hiding behind its surface words.

The various stations of this legend represent the initiations which every human being takes part in during its evolutionary journey up the spiritual mountain, which for a certain length of time takes each one of us through experiencing every aspect of life in physicality. When the time is right for our inner eyes to open to the truth, we begin to recognise intuitively that the Jesus story is filled with metaphors and symbolisms that are eternally valid nuggets of wisdom and truth. Every religion that ever appeared in our world contained the same ones that were presented as yet another legend. They were carried forward and eventually presented by God and the Angels as the religion of Piscean age.

The details were skilfully woven into the rich and colourful tapestry of a new tale that was designed to capture the imagination of the people of that time. By declaring that every word of it was literally true and allowing its priesthood the freedom to stamp out anyone who did not agree with this, with the passing of time the new religion turned into an ever more effective instrument for stamping out every trace of the Gnostic movement, with its highly advanced beliefs in every individual’s direct experience of God. Their time had not yet come.

And that’s how it came about that with the help and the will of God and the Angels the Jesus story was presented as if it were based on historical facts and was about a God-man who had once appeared in the flesh in earthly life. For a long time humankind was to be kept in the dark about the fact that in truth it is a legend loaded with metaphors and symbolisms about the human evolutionary journey through earthly life. Irrespective of how unlikely the details of this tale were and how much superior the wisdom of the Gnostic religions were and the extent to which the Gnostics resisted, they were gradually stamped out.

Those who refused to go along with the Christian beliefs were declared to be non-believers. They had to be removed by any means the zealous followers of the new religion could think of, for example by beheading or burning their fellow citizens on the stake, in the name of a non-existing God. This policy was eagerly pursued by institutions like the Inquisition that were created. They played a vital part in ensuring that every last bit of the ancient esoteric wisdom of the Goddess, the feminine aspect of the Divine, had to remain hidden behind the story’s surface words for a long time to come.

The Great Architect’s plan of life decreed that this kind of knowledge should be suppressed as much as possible during the Age of Pisces, so that we as a race could become familiar with the darkest aspects of our own and everybody else’s human nature. To provide as many teaching and learning opportunities as possible, until our entry into the Age of Aquarius the most evil drives and urges of humankind’s lower nature were given free reign to express and manifest themselves. This was particularly blatant in the ranks and files of the church that sprung up around the tale. Should you now be tempted to sit in judgement over the people who took part in these things, do not overlook that it is more than likely that those who by now have matured into spiritual adulthood took part in the atrocities and corruption that for a long time were rampant in everything connected with the church. We must have been there, sometimes dishing them out and in the next lifetime being on the receiving end.

Until our entry into the Aquarian age we were not to know that God is as much part of us as we are part of God and that the Angels are in charge of us and our world and constantly observing it from its spiritual background. And that is how, with the passing of time, the Christian church served as the Angels’ instrument of evil and for ever more cutting us off from the Source of our being. Not knowing that the figure of Jesus is a metaphor for everyone’s own Christ nature was their way of hiding it from us, until we were waking up from our spiritual slumber and ready to be reborn into the awareness of God’s true nature and our own. This would enable us to seek redemption and forgiveness for even the last one of the sins that could have been committed many lifetimes ago.

Therefore, let’s not sit in judgement but bear in mind that none of us is any better than any of the young and inexperienced souls who are presently sharing the Earth with us. We older ones are merely on a different phase of our evolutionary journey, that’s all. May none of us ever forget the wisdom contained in St John 8:7: ‘Jesus bent down and wrote with his finger on the ground. When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said: ‘Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.’

God’s great plan provides that the further we move into the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth that comes to every soul directly from the Source, the more we shall value and appreciate the morsels of wisdom we are finding along our way. Through developing discernment and learning to listen to the voice of the living God within, our inner guidance, the truth is now beginning to reveal itself intuitively to anyone who is ready and willingly pays attention. This is how ever more of us are now receiving God’s sacred wisdom and knowledge given to us and our world by the Angels around the throne of God, the Christ circle.

Plotinus, who lived circa 204/205–270 AD, was one of the most outstanding Pagan philosophers. His metaphysical writings have inspired centuries of Pagan, Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Gnostic metaphysicians and mystics. All those many years ago he wrote: ‘Before we had our becoming here, we existed There, people other than now. We were pure souls. Intelligence inbound with the entire of reality, not fenced off, integral to that All. . . . And then it was as if One voice sounded. One word was uttered and from every side an ear attended and received and there was an effective hearing. Now we have become a dual thing, no longer that which we were at first, dormant, and in a sense no longer present.’

This is the kind of wisdom the Christian religion was designed to suppress. The plan decreed that it should succeed and that it would take a long time before we discovered that life is by no means a one-off thing, the way Christianity teaches to this day, but an endless and flawless continuum. However, for as long as we took the Christian teachings literally, we would think that when no-one was looking, we could sin as much and as thoroughly as the temptations of our lower nature invited us to. No, it wasn’t the devil’s voice we heard and followed, but the desires of our own as yet untamed lower animal nature. For the time being these urges would be projected onto something outside us in opposition to God, the devil whose job it was to lure unsuspecting human beings into the darkest abysses of human experience. God and the devil were forces outside of us, we were told.

If we believed in Jesus, or at least said we did, on judgement day in some far distant future He would appear again and redeem all our sins. We, in our present physical body, would then rise from our grave to enjoy Eternity with Him. All non-believers would be eternally damned and fried in the fires of hell forever and ever. If we merely pretended we believed in Jesus, no-one would know. It would take a long time before we found out that God is the name for everyone’s own higher or Christ nature. Because of this God is as much part of us as we are of God, nothing we ever think or do is unknown to God, and none of our deeds and misdeeds have ever gone unnoticed. Their memory of each one is held in the Akashic records and they are part of the soul of our world. See the link at the end of this chapter.

When we have handed our physical body back to Mother Earth and returned to the world of light, our true home, and rested there for a while, the wise ones in charge of us will show us these records. With the help of the evidence before us we ourselves assess and judge how well we managed to balance our spiritual bankbook in the course of our most recent earthly lifetime. If some of our debts are still outstanding, we can apply for another lifetime that will bring us fresh opportunities for settling them.

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19 Mar, 2020
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