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The Bird Of Paradise
The Bird Of Paradise

The Bird Of Paradise


Bird spirits as animals totems can assist humankind in matters of acquiring higher knowledge and wisdom. They are symbols of strength, freedom and unity with all fellow creatures. When the bird of paradise enters our field of vision it may appear as a metaphor for someone who has extravagant and elaborate thoughts. It can also be an indication of lightness, closeness to God and the removal from worldly concerns.

When you admire something like the beautiful display of the bird of paradise and watch his far less colourful mate inspecting him, do you ever ask yourself: ‘Why is it that nature adorns so many male birds with colourful plumages and the ability to sing and dance, while the female of the same species has to make do with dowdy brown feathers and remains mousy and quiet in the background? The answer is a very simple one. Because new life cannot be created through the males of any species of our world, to enable them to take part in ensuring the survival of their species, all males of breeding age are overcome by an urge to attract a female to themselves.

As part of the Great Mother of Life, in all animals the female alone possesses the wisdom, i.e. instinctive knowledge of who is the right mating partner for her. This ensures that the best possible offspring are produced and the evolution of each species progresses as it should. The Father is the Great Designer and Architect of all life. He makes it up in many different ways to the males that they have to play second fiddle to the star attraction of the magnificent spectacle of procreation that truly is the greatest show on Earth.

As a demonstration that the males are loved no less than their partners, in most bird species they have been endowed with flamboyant plumage. Furthermore they are equipped with a special ability to strut show off and strut their stuff to impress, court and woo the lady of their dreams with their singing and in some cases dancing. Whenever an opportunity for it arises, this allows the males to practise their art whole-heartedly by serenading and displaying themselves to the females in all their splendour. Some of this typical male behaviour can be observed in all species – including the human one.

As the female is the one through whom life is created and she is its main nurturer and protector, she has no need for any kind of special costumes and showmanship. Her requirements are quite the opposite to those of the male. To make it as difficult as possible for potential predators to find and devour her and her young, she is wisely clothed in feathers of a kind that permit her to virtually disappear in the undergrowth. Because of her camouflage clothing, whenever danger threatens she can hide herself and her brood by covering them with her wings. How wise and how great Thou art!

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7 Mar, 2020
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2 mins
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