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The Birth of the Christ Child
The Birth of the Christ Child

The Birth of the Christ Child


The Birth Of The Christ Child

Whatever may still have to happen in our world until the great Aquarian Age transformation is complete, it is important to always bear in mind that every human heart – even that of terrorists – contains a tiny spark of the Christ Spirit’s great light and love. On the inner level of life the power of this child connects all of us with each other as well as with the spirit and soul of the Cosmic forces. Only when the time is right, and that for each one of us individually, the spark in our heart stirs from its slumbers. It begins to grow and slowly spreads out like the branches of a vine.

The baby in the manger of the Jesus legend is a symbol of the awakening and birth of the Christ spirit in all human hearts. The great hunger and thirst for spiritual wisdom and truth that can be witnessed everywhere in our world is clear evidence that this is happening for increasing numbers of us. The Christ spirit is the essence of our being and the bridge that connects our human consciousness with God’s Universal mind. The more we become aware of the presence of the Christ child within, the more freely the Christ energies are flowing into our heart and from there into every heart in the whole of Creation

The more this happens, the more our sense of separateness dissolves and once again we know beyond any shadow of a doubt that God is as much part of us as we are part of God. From this knowledge grows a deep inner trust that all is well with God’s great plan of life, in which all of us and our whole world have their place. We know beyond any shadow of a doubt that we and our world are safe and forever will be.

There is no need to wait for the afterlife for this merging with God. It is meant to take place right here and now in our earthly existence. That’s what establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth means. The ultimate purpose of every earthly lifetime is each one of us to the best of our abilities should make their contribution towards this end. We are here to get to know the true meaning of love and to learn how to love unselfishly and wisely, the way our Creator loves us.

The love in our hearts is the Christ light and all of us are evolving so that eventually every aspect of our being is filled with this light. The higher we move up the evolutionary spiral of life, the more loving unselfishly means stops being a mere sentiment but becomes our natural way of being and conducting our lives. The Christ love in our heart gradually grows more powerful and gradually enables us to penetrate deeply into the vision and perception of spirit life. This brings with it the power to heal and all others gifts mentioned in the Jesus legend.

Unbeknown to many we are in the middle of a healing miracle of truly gigantic and Cosmic proportions. And the closer we work together with God and the Angels, the more likely it is that miracles shall be worked through and for us and our whole world. As St. John 14:11-12 tells us: ‘Believe that I am with my Father and my Father is with me, and if not, believe because of the works. Truly, truly I say to you: those who believe in me shall do the works which I do, and even greater than these things they shall do, because I am going to my Father. And whatever you ask in my name, I shall do it for you.’

Already parts of this promise are being fulfilled and miracles are unfolding before our own eyes, right here and now. Each one of us with our prayers and meditations is required to make their own contribution to the grandest spectacle of all times: humankind’s rebirth and return into the conscious awareness of God’s true nature and our own.

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7 Nov, 2018
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