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The Blind Leading The Blind
The Blind Leading The Blind

The Blind Leading The Blind


Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Forty-Nine

There’s None So Blind . . .

Whether someone is as yet aware of it or not, every human being is personally responsible for every one of their thoughts, words and actions. Each leaves an indelible impression on the etheric level and is recorded in what is known as the Akashic Records. As mentioned before, on the spiritual level of our earthly existence everything is for real and that’s why there is no point in faking and pretending anything. And no-one can twist and turn the Universal laws, if one pays enough to someone who knows how to do this on our behalf, they way it’s possible on the earthly plane. The rule on both sides of the veil that separates our two worlds from each other is ‘Unwissenheit schützt vor Strafe nicht!’ Ignorance does not protect anyone against punishment.

However, God’s laws do not punish, they teach. Whatever we think, speak or do at any given time, in due course returns to us. It is not meant to be some kind of punishment but to show how it feels when we are at the receiving end of what we, in our youthful ignorance, once so thoughtlessly and carelessly did to those around us. It takes a long time until our earthly self realises that its true nature and the essence of its being is spirit/soul. Every one of us has the same dualities within that are in God, masculine/feminine, darkness/light, positive and negative energies. None of them is either good or evil and one is not better than the other or in any way superior. All qualities are equal partners who complement and complete each other. And the same is true for the colour of our skin on the outer plane. White is not superior of black. And the more all aspects of our earthly and higher nature function together and in harmony with each other, the more whole our whole world becomes.

Every human being contains its own spark of God’s great light, if at first only in seed form. The spark is the earthly self’s spirit/soul. Like God it is eternal and immortal and therefore will never die. The spirit world is humankind’s true home from which, every so often, one of us emerges. We stay for a while in the earthly school of life and attend its lessons. At the end of each lifetime we return to the spirit realm. When our earthly possessions, titles and pretentiousness have been left behind, once again we are nothing but spirit/soul. It’s that simple!

Clearly, our earthly existence is by no means a one-off thing, as was believed in times gone by, when the strange beliefs of the old religions ruled our world. It was a case of the blind leading the blind, if ever there was one. That’s what the likes of you and me were doing in the days when we were as blind as the troublemakers of our world are now, blissfully unaware of what we were doing to ourselves. When we had no idea about our existence’s spiritual background, that wise ones are in charge of us and our world and that they are constantly observing and guiding us. Whenever things are in danger of getting out of hand, the way they are doing now, they step in protect us against ourselves and the results of our spiritual ignorance. The pandemic is the price we are paying for our misdemeanour in times long gone by, but not as punishment – see above.

Fortunately, since our entry into the Aquarian age, God and the Angels have been bringing ever more spiritual wisdom and truth to those who are capable of receiving, understanding and handling it the right way. As a result, ever more of us by now realise that humankind’s earthly existence is by no means a one-off affair, but an ongoing evolutionary process that will never end. Spiritually, everything that concerns our earthly existence is very simple. Simplicity is the greatest gift of all. One of the finest examples of this is the Universal law of cause and effect or Karma. It simply states: ‘Everything returns to its source.’

The simple explanation of why the pandemic had to happen, in response to something that took place a long time ago, is that the law of Karma is returning the trespasses of the old and experienced spirit/souls in our midst, when we were as young and foolish as our world’s present troublemakers. In those days, we too could not resist the temptations of our lower nature, no, not the devil. That’s why, as likely as not in several lifetimes, we took part in manipulating and exploiting the masses with the help of fear-inspiring teachings that were designed to separate people from their earthly possessions to satisfy our greed for more and more money and the material possessions it could buy then. Nothing new under the Sun!

Every human being is a microcosm of the macrocosm of the whole of Creation and within it, our world. Therefore, if we have an immune system, so has our world. Every one of God’s powers and characteristics are also in us and fortunately the main law of life is love. Aquarius is the sign of transmutation in which humankind’s highest hopes and dreams are going to find fulfilment. This will come about in the natural course of events. And because at all times we and our world are moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, it’s our birthright to eventually leave all harmful influences behind. Hand in hand with the Angels and God, every one of us, at least potentially, possesses the power of transmuting all viruses into beneficial organisms that strengthen and heal the immune system of everyone who is in need of it and also our world. Every sentient being is an integral part of it.

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28 Jul, 2020
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