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The Boat
The Boat

The Boat

3 Reviews

It was a beautiful morning. The weather was nice, the sea was calm and the touch of the summer breeze blew past me while the birds sang. Dolphins dancing in the sea, as the world was being nice to me. I wish my journey would not end until I’ve reached my final destination.

I found another boat, more beautiful and durable. I left what I was used to and set sail for another chapter of my life. I could not imagine that the wave would be tougher and harder to face. It was here where the boat I was riding began to strike against the strong waves. I didn’t know what to do, until my boat was completely broken into pieces. I was drowning in the cold sea. I felt like I was dreaming, it couldn’t be real.

I woke up, feeling like I was still drowning. I was thirsty and hungry. I looked around and only saw sand. No one and nothing could help me. As time passed by, I still didn’t have food not had something to drink. I fell unconscious.

Someone saved me, took me to their boat, only to realize that I was my old boat. He offered me water to drink and bread to eat. I never thought that the man who saved me, was God. He reminded me that I should be grateful for what I’ve got.

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8 May, 2020
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