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The Brightest Light
The Brightest Light

The Brightest Light


Judge Not And Ye Shall Not Be Judged – Part Six

The Brightest Light

Keeping us away from God has been the main objective of the old religions. Those that are still around are doing everything within their power, which fortunately is not a great deal, to keep it that way by suppressing the truth wherever it threatens to emerge. They certainly made a splendid job of that in the past. The Inquisition was specifically set up for this purpose. Sadly, about one thousand years after its first appearance there are those who fail to grasp that all our scientists can hope to find is a better understanding of the spiritual laws that have always been operating throughout the whole of Creation and forever will do so.

Be that as it may, wise ones refuse to sit in judgement over what the church and its servants and followers got up to in the days of yore. Being old and experienced spirit/souls they do not condemn anyone for the simple reason that there is every likelihood that they took part in the atrocities that once were committed in the name of a God who did not even exist. Aware that sometimes they must have been at the giving end and on other occasions on the receiving one, these sages don’t waste time on thinking: ‘Oh, isn’t it awful what people got up in those days?’ For them it’s not a case of what ‘they’ but what ‘we’ did. That’s why they forgive themselves and everybody who ever took part in cruel events like the inquisition, the witch hunts and similar ones of the past. They rest safely in the knowledge that everybody has been part of the lessons that were prepared for us by none other than the infinite wisdom and love of the Great Father/Mother and their Angels.

Every belief systems that ever appeared in our world had a unique contribution to make and its own story to tell, which – only on the surface – was different from all previous ones. In truth, all of them brought the same message and that is especially so with the most recent four. First the legend of the Lord Buddha, who is thought to have lived in Nepal during the 6th to 4th century B.C. Through this story God and the Angels brought us the knowledge of the Universal law of Karma and, without actually saying so, introduced the concept that we ourselves are God and that each one of is the creator of their own being and destiny.

This was followed by Judaism. The legend of its history begins with the covenant between God and Abraham which is believed to have taken place around 1812 BC, more than 3,800 years ago during the Bronze Age, in the Middle East. The Torah, Jewish Law, is the primary document of Judaism. It is thought to have been given by the Prophet Moses about 3,300 years ago. With the help of this religion God and the Angels introduced the idea that there is only one God. This was followed by Christianity’s Jesus legend and finally Islam with its message of total surrender to God. Most historians believe that this religion originated in Mecca and Medina at the start of the seventh century, approximately six hundred years after the birth of Christianity. The word Islam means surrender to God, i.e. putting our Christ or God nature onto the throne of our life and conducting it in keeping with God’s Universal laws. Love is the first and most powerful one.

It can clearly be seen from these four religions, when viewed from the spiritual perspective ever more of us are presently reaching, that the intention behind each one has been taking humankind another step forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. In principle everybody’s pathway is the same; it unerringly leads us up the spiritual mountain. Towards the end of our earthly education this road takes us back into the conscious awareness of our oneness with God and through this with everything that exists in the whole of Creation.

Each belief system that God and the Angels gave to our world added something to the great panorama of humankind’s existence. But on its own none of them makes a great deal of sense. Each one was specifically designed to provide our world with hidden answers to the mystery of whether there is a God and if so, who or what it could be. And to this day to many the even greater mystery is who we are and why we are here. The tales and legends that from time to time appeared were designed to bring us closer to answers to such questions. They were never based on historical figures or events because symbolisms of their higher esoteric meaning were always hiding behind their surface words.

Each new story consisted of another set of guidelines for our spiritual development and provided us with signposts to ease our march up the evolutionary spiral of life. This journey is basically the same for every human being. It’s just that at any given moment everybody is grappling with a somewhat different aspect of it. And every one of the belief systems our world has ever seen is but a fragment and a piece in the giant jigsaw puzzle of humankind’s destiny. Only when all of them at last are coming together, the way they are doing for you and me here, can the picture of their higher meaning and their ultimate purpose reveal itself. And in keeping with God’s great plan of life the time that this should be happening is the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth which has been with us for quite a while by now.

The Universal Christ is the Sun of all suns and the Light of all lights. To help us, individually and collectively, to overcome and eventually leave behind the lower unevolved aspects of our nature, the Christ light has always been drawing each one of us and our whole world towards Itself. Round and round the zodiac we earthlings move, in one lifetime after another we are getting to know, each through their own experiences, first the characteristics of our lower earthly nature.

With the passing of time, slowly but surely the qualities of our higher or Christ nature enter the picture. Through bringing them forth from within, we take possession of them. This continues until the higher part has taken over our whole being and the lower one has been left behind for good. That means we have evolved into a Christed one in our own right. Reaching this goal is the birthright of every human being, regardless of how low someone may still be on the evolutionary spiral. The pull of the Highest in the end is going to take even the slowest one of us into the conscious awareness of our oneness with God and the whole of Creation.

It has ever been the case that the brightest light casts the deepest shadow. This most certainly applies to Christianity and those who are serving this worldwide organisation. In times gone by their transgressions against the laws of life could be hidden from public view and knowledge by a cloak of silence the churches could wrap around their own. Now that the age of truth is with us, this is no longer possible. And why were these sins committed? Because the offenders had not been told by their religion that there is such a thing as Universal laws that rule life in the whole of Creation, therefore also in our world. Why were they left in ignorance of something so important? Because as far as spiritual truth is concerned, to this day their belief system systematically closes its eyes and buries its head in the sand in ostrich fashion.

This lack of understanding has an upside as well as a downside, the same as everything in our world. The downside is that, for as long as people have no idea of what they are doing to themselves when they are hurting and wounding others, there is no way of avoiding the bill that in the fullness of time will be presented to them, not as a punishment but for teaching them the nature of suffering. The upside of this is that the behaviour of young and inexperienced spirit/souls still provides God and the Angels with the finest imaginable instruments for familiarising us with the nature of evil.

Almost daily our world provides us with evidence of what first class teaching aids some of our religions are. Depending on what karmic debts people have brought with them into their present lifetime, through the medium of young and less experienced spirit/souls somebody somewhere is at the receiving end of the lower and lowest aspects of human nature. The evil that for a long time has been at large in our world is not inflicted upon us by an outside force, called the devil by some of our religions. In reality it is the response of someone’s earthly self to the drives and urges of their untamed lower nature, an aspect which all of us have to come to terms with at a certain stage of our development.

It’s during the early part of our earthly education that we are getting to know this aspect of our being. In some of our lifetimes we then are the ones who behave in nasty and cruel ways to those around us and in others we find ourselves at its receiving end. Whenever in one of our lifetimes the Universal laws return our misdeeds to us, we are at a loss to understand why something so unpleasant should be happening to us, out of all people. Our attitude towards it changes profoundly as soon as we get to know the truth about the cause of our suffering.

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23 May, 2019
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