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The Brown Bakery: A New Edition Part 1
The Brown Bakery: A New Edition Part 1

The Brown Bakery: A New Edition Part 1


It was 10:30 at night. Lights were off in all houses of my street except mine. Everyone was quiet except the crickets in the bushes. Today, even the street dogs were as silent as a grave. Even our next-door-neighbour, who normally dances in the night was inaudible. Her house's lights were off. She must be sleeping.
I was sitting on my study table, making some blueprints of a house. My books were all over the place. My laptop was opened, shining brightly. My skinny fair face was beaming too, because of the laptop's screen. I was continuously working since 8 in the night.
Suddenly, I

heard a knock and the door opened. I was sure that it was Mom was she is going to scold me. We had a deal that I would see any screen before bed and I was working opposite of the agreement.
"You are still up! And your laptop is on. Mallie, we have talked about this, right?" she said as started closing my books kept on my bed.

My room was a mess. I have been working on this project for the engineering club for two weeks. This is important for me.
"Ya, I'll just…" I was going through the notes I made, "just five minutes and you'll see me cleaning." I protested.
She stopped and smiled at me and said, "I'll come and see that you are cleaning everything. This room is a mess."
Mom closed the door and again there was silence in my room. I made a few changes in my idea. I wanted it to look perfect. I recently started the Engineering club, and this is our first project. Our teacher will be grading us, and I decided to make this for a good start. Without doing anything else, I closed my laptop and started cleaning the room. I guess, today I have worked a lot.

I closed my books, notes and my sheets. In the end, there was one thing left on my table, my blueprint. I carefully rolled it and placed it on the white shelf next to the study table. I don't want it to get ruined.
I saw the clock kept on the small brown table next to my blue bed. It was past five minutes. Mom didn't come but I cleaned everything. I opened my closet and took out my nightdress and went into the bathroom to change. When I came out, I heard the landline phone ringing. I was wondering who is calling right now, in the night.
I left my clothes on the bed and went outside, in the drawing-room to check who is it. Mom and Dad were already there. Mom was talking on the phone. She looked worried and sad. I could sense that something was wrong but don't know what has happened. I was standing still, watching Mom and waiting for the call to end.
In a few minutes, the call ended. There was silence for a few minutes. I was waiting for the right moment to ask, but it wasn't coming. Without waiting for the moment, I just asked them.

"Mom, who was there on the call?" I asked in a soft voice.

I was eager to know who was calling us, but she didn't answer anything for a few minutes. Then, suddenly, she started saying and I was listening very carefully.

"It's Racheal… Her bakery caught fire an hour ago... We should hurry, there, all the people are there, and I guess she needs me." Mom said as she took her coat and Dad got the keys.

The moment I heard this, I thought about Raymond. Raymond and I are very good friends. His family and my family have a really good relationship. My mom knows Raymond's mom, Racheal since college. She often helps his mom in the bakery.
The Brown Bakery was the bakery they started. I loved that place. The soft yellow walls, the delicious smell of croissants and cakes. I have helped Mrs Brown a lot of times and she taught me so much.

Their family had a dream of opening this bakery. All was well for five years. No one expected that one day this amazing bakery would ever catch fire, or anything bad would happen to it. The whole street loved this bakery and to hear that it is on fire, I was feeling very bad for Raymond's family. How sad and disappointed they would be. It was indeed a piece of very sad news.

"Come on Madeline! Don't just stand next to the door. We have to hurry there." Mom said hurryingly.
Without saying anything, I quickly followed Mom. She locked the front white door. Meanwhile, Dad started the car. We got into the car. The bakery was a ten minutes' drive.

Author Notes: Hey guys... So... this is a novel which I am writing. Please give me reviews so that I get to know how am I doing.
I will soon be writing the second part! Please do tell what can I change!
I will be waiting :)

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27 Sep, 2020
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