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The Christ Light Is Breaking Through The Clouds
The Christ Light Is Breaking Through The Clouds

The Christ Light Is Breaking Through The Clouds


Natural And Human-Made Disasters – Part I

The Christ Light Is Breaking Through The Clouds

The light of the Christ Star is now breaking ever more forcefully through the mists of consciousness that for so long have clouded the vision of God’s children of the Earth. Pouring its blessings into the heart and soul of all humankind, it also heals every other lifeform it touches. The Christ light is an essential part of every human soul, which at present is conveying its message of renewal of hope, faith and trust for us and our world. The more we worship the Christ light, the more powerfully it fills our whole being and shines from us to beautify everything we come into contact with. This energy can be called upon when we feel down and weary. All we have to do is ask that its Divine strength and courage should fill our whole being, so that every last bit of our deepest and darkest fears and anxieties are absorbed into it.

Keeping our inner vision firmly focussed on the Christ Star ensures that we are in constant conscious contact with our Highest or God Self, the living Christ within. This is our eternal and immortal self who has been waiting for a long time to protect us and guide every one of our words, thoughts and actions in the right direction, so that the blessings of the highest levels of life can pour into us and our world without hindrance. To attune our own superconscious faculties to the Universal ones, we need to train the mind of our small earthly self in the art of thinking positive, constructive and loving thoughts only.


• The light of the Universal Christ, whose symbol is the Christ Star, fills my whole being.
• From my loving heart Its energies are flowing into the farthest and remotest corners of Creation. Wherever it is needed, that’s where they go.
• The Christ light surrounds and protects me.
• I will forever be safe in the loving hands of God and the Angels.

The Christ Star has six points and each one is bringing us its message:

1. Be patient, steady and calm. Don’t be disappointed when things go wrong, the way they sometimes do. Know that everything will come right in the end, in God’s time and not ours.
2. Whenever problems arise, remind yourself that they serve the wise higher purpose of building up your spirit and character strength.
3. Look up to the light of the Christ Star and envisage the spiritual mountain we are all climbing together on our way back home into the conscious awareness of our oneness with God and all life.
4. Do not hurry. The power of the spirit, God’s spirit, works slowly and steadily. It never rushes or hurries.
5. Shake off the small things that can be so irksome for earthly minds, so your heart can open for joy and love, healing and peace.
6. We are in this world to find everlasting joy and happiness through the knowledge of our true nature and the high and holy destiny that awaits all human beings, without exception. So let’s do our best to enjoy life, whatever it may bring us. Even the most difficult situations contain something that can be enjoyed when one understands the learning and growth they are meant to bring.

With our inner vision let’s visualise the whole of humankind as one big family in the radiance of the Christ Star and all together we pray: ‘O Great Father/Mother of all life, please show us ever better ways of dealing with all disasters, natural as much as the human-made ones that are caused by the darkness of ignorance of Your true nature and ours that to this day has a hold on many human hearts. Hand in hand with the Angels we lift this gloom into the temple of healing in the heart of the Christ Star, so that its energies can be uplifted and transmuted into golden swords of Your sacred wisdom and truth. May they freely flow into every human heart and open it wide to be filled with nothing but the peaceful and harmonious vibrations of Your love. In the name of love we ask this. Amen’

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1 Dec, 2018
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3 mins
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