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The Christ Moon
The Christ Moon

The Christ Moon


The next important date in the spiritual/astrological calendar is the Christ Moon. In the year 2020, when the latest update of this file was made, it is taking place on Friday 5th June at 19.13 Greenwich Meantime. The spiritual outpouring of the Wesak festival has prepared every individual spirit/soul as well as those of our world for the special blessings of this event. That’s how with every passing year some more Divine love and wisdom, power and truth have been pouring into us and our world from the Highest levels of life. Let’s take a closer look at how this comes about.

During the Sun’s transit through Gemini, the mutable Air sign, the full Moon takes place in Sagittarius, the polar opposite mutable Fire sign. This event is known as the Christ Moon. It is a time when on the highest levels of life special celebrations are taking place in honour of the Universal Christ, the third aspect of the Holy Trinity of the Great Father/Mother of all life, their only born Son/Daughter. The Christ Spirit is the Star of all stars and the light of all lights, whose light and warmth provide sustenance for every lifeform that exists on every level of God’s Creation.

Each one has its origin in the creative ideas of the Father. It is the love and wisdom of the Mother who decides where and when new beings should be brought into manifestations in matter = the Mother. In the whole of Creation the Father/Mother’s creations are sustained and supported by their Son/Daughter, the Christ Spirit. This is the eternal Sun, the great light and firstborn of the great Father/Mother. His spirit is the first spark of creation that breathes life into the creative ideas that are constantly emerging from the co-operation of Father/Mother. Peacefully and harmoniously the three aspects of the Holy Trinity respond to each other, bringing new life into being and maintaining everything that is already in existence and that on all levels of life.

The Sun in the sky above us is one of the many physical manifestations of the Christ Spirit, and so is each one of us. The figure of Jesus is a symbolism for the young God, everybody’s own spirit and Christ nature. We are in earthly life to develop this aspect of our being and that is the only hero and conqueror who can overcome all ills and evils that ever befell us and our world, and to this day continues to do so. The Christ Spirit coming alive and being born in every human heart is humankind’s long promised and awaited saviour and redeemer, the only one who can save and redeem us. This part of us is pure spirit and therefore born through immaculate conception by a virgin, the great Mother of all life. Also being pure spirit, she eternally remains what in earthly terms is known as virginal. Our Divine parents never had anything to do with the sexuality that is required to bring any kind of creature into being in earthly life. The Virgin Maria of the Jesus legend is one of the many metaphors for the Goddess, the feminine aspect and counterpart of the masculine part of the Divine.

Every earthly self contains, if only thus far in seedform, in the deepest innermost core of its being a spark of the greatest light and the Highest Star, the Spirit of the Universal Christ. For a very long time this spark remains dormant and has to wait until the time is right and the earthly has become sufficiently evolved for it to wake from its slumber. The Sleeping Beauty story tells us about this process. Mother Earth is one of God’s and Goddess’s physical manifestations and so is each one of us.

Whether we are as yet aware of it or not, all of us are taking part in the Christ Festival celebrations. In our prayers, meditations and quiet reflections we need to consciously tune the receiver/transmitter station of our earthly minds into the frequencies of the Highest. By joyously opening our hearts and souls in praise of and thanksgiving to the giver of all life, the Universal Christ, we are channels through which Its extra powerful outpourings of blessing and healing energy can flow freely into all earthly life.

Each human soul through its own efforts has to develop their Divine characteristics to their highest potential. Our true parents, Father/Mother Creator, expects from all of us that as soon as we have become sufficiently evolved we freely and willingly do our share of assisting the birth of the Christ Spirit in our world, so that God’s kingdom becomes ever more established on the Earth plane. Through giving of our best at all times and in all situations, our god-like Christ qualities and characteristics develop until we have grown into a Christed one in our own right. For us the long promised saviour and redeemer has appeared. There is only one person who can play this role for us and that is you, me and everybody else. And because what is done for one is done for all, everybody’s own thoughts, words and actions in this way are capable of saving and redeeming us and also our world.

Evolving into a Christed one who is fully at one with our Creator is every human soul’s final destiny. And that is the esoteric higher meaning of the Jesus legend. Although Jesus, the man, was a metaphor that never existed in earthly form, the story of his life was given as a demonstration of how each one of us in the fullness of time has to walk in a true Master’s footsteps, capable of thinking and acting in a masterly fashion.

Being one with our Creator does not mean we are going to be completely absorbed into Its energies and losing our individuality and identity. That is not the idea at all. By developing and integrating the characteristics of our Christ Self into our earthly being, we are making them our own. In this process our energies gradually become ever more refined and etherealised. This continues until they are fully compatible with God’s. Nonetheless, we shall always remain the precious and unique being we have been since the moment we emerged as a mere creative idea from the heartmind of God.

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5 Jun, 2020
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