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The Clone
The Clone

The Clone


Leo's eyes pop open and he sits up quickly. "Where the-" he begins to say before he's cut off by a siren. He leaps out of bed and collapses on the floor, not yet strong enough to move. Then he hears a voice over a loudspeaker.

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the worst day of your life," the voice says. Leo tries to stand and leans against his bed for support. Wait, it wasn't his bed. It looked gray and sad, not as plump and soft as his bed. He looks around the room as the voice continues. "Today you all will face terrible challenges and you will probably all die." The room wasn't like his at all- wait. Did she just say DIE? "Yes," the voice says, reading Leo's thoughts, "I did just say die."

"Who does this girl think she is?" Leo whispers to himself as he straightens up and begins to stand on his own.

"Anyway, good luck, everyone, and have fun." She pauses for a moment before saying "Or don't, I don't care." Just as the speakers go silent, the metal door to the room Leo was currently in opens mechanically.

He walks over to the doorway and peaks out. He spies a lizard man with scaley, green skin and a long, spiked tail. He gapes at him and the lizard stares him down as it walks down the hall. Leo gulps and looks away to see what looks like a comic villain. He wears a dark cape, dark costume, and dark gloves. He even has a mask to hide the skin around his eyes. The villain sits down against the wall opposite Leo. He glares at Leo when he notices his stare. Leo gives a nervous chuckle and turns toward someone else. They looked pretty normal, except for their neon-green hair.

Leo decides that he would be the best person to get answers from. So, Leo makes his way over to the kid who looked about his age. The kid was facing the other way, so he couldn't have seen Leo coming, but when Leo was about two feet away, he turned around to look at him. Leo froze and stared at the figure in front of him.

They were identical. They could've been twins - no, clones of each other - they were so similar. It was pretty scary. "Wh-who are you?" Leo asks his look-a-like.

"I'm Leo!" his copy said cheerfully. Then, as if it would help all of this make sense, he says, "And you're Leo, too!"

"What do you mean?" Leo asks his clone cautiously.

"I mean, I'm you," the other Leo says.

Leo stares at him for a moment. Then he turns and walks back to the room he woke up in and refuses to leave for the rest of "the worst day of his life," as the woman on the speakers had said. He thinks over everything that has just happened until he falls into a deep sleep.

Author Notes: I hope you enjoyed! Leave a review to guess which Leo is my original!

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About This Story
27 Jan, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
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