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the cloud walker (part one)
the cloud walker (part one)

the cloud walker (part one)

Sentimental_creature♥ 𝐂ℓ๏ŴภẸ𝐘 ♥
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Sylvie, age 27, watches the sun rise on her last day as rightful Cloud Walker.

Time has been kind to her; she still has her soft, perfect skin, and her eyes are softer, but other than that they still have that youthful glow that seem to captivate anyone who stared too long.

She walks along a fluffy cloud, her feet hardly piercing the cottony barrier between her and the empty pit of sky that led to the Flat Place. As she seemingly glides across, her bare feet begin to dampen.

“I suppose I saw that coming,” Syvie says, with a slight chuckle rumbling lightly in her chest, tickling her throat, “it’s my fault for walking through a forming rain cloud.”

Thunder rolls under her and she jumps, almost tumbling off the side but being caught by a strange figure from behind.

“Watch it, doll,” the figure purrs into her ear, earning a well-deserved shudder. Sylvie shoves away from them, turning to face the utterly creepy person.

Said person is a man, with elegant posture and eyes of pure ice. They cut through the young Cloud Walker harshly, almost causing her to physically shrivel up in front of him.

“Miss Sylvie,” The man begins, bringing his attention to the now visible clipboard in his hand, “my name is Lucius. It has been brought to my attention that you are the current Cloud Walker, correct?”

Sylvie nods, with a pang of fear rising in her throat, rendering her unable to speak.

“Now, Miss Sylvie, I’ve noticed that your Dreams haven’t been so happy recently, have they?” He asks with the slightest teasing tone. She hesitates, because a small part of her knows he’s right.

Lately, she hadn’t been able to give people their happy Dreams, which were a result of recent development in her life. She knew she shouldn’t take her anger out on the poor citizens she’s assigned to each night, but at least three out of ten people would suffer with dreadful nightmares.

Lucius takes the silence and tears it in two. “We both know very well this behaviour is terribly unacceptable in your career. So, as a result of your actions, the People of the Sky and of the Flat Place must ask you to resign your status and give it to a new, even more promising young woman.”

He steps to the side and outstretches his hand to a new figure, walking down a cloud staircase from a nearby village. This “promising woman” is an innocent looking girl, who looked around only 16, but from what Sylvie guessed, had to be in her early to mid twenties. She feels a bit of jealousy sting her heart, but she quickly shakes it off when she’s forced to greet the newcomer.

“Ah, such a delight to meet you, Miss Sylvie! My name is Olive,” the girl greets sweetly, but when Lucius turns to scribble something onto his paper she sends daggers into Sylvie’s eyes.

That wasn’t the bit that unsettled her the most, no no, dear reader.

It was the fact that, unlike the People of the Sky and of the Flat Place, when she gave a deathly wide grin to Sylvie, her teeth were razor sharp...

Author Notes: Was this rushed? Was this bad? I’ll have the dear readers answer these questions. I’d like criticism, not even bloody constructive criticism. I’m good with negativity, so have at it, mates.
- Salty Mama

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♥ 𝐂ℓ๏ŴภẸ𝐘 ♥
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18 Nov, 2019
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2 mins
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