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The Coming Of The Lamb Of God
The Coming Of The Lamb Of God

The Coming Of The Lamb Of God


White Eagle Christmas Message – Part Two

The Coming Of The Lamb Of God

‘The most powerful one of the Divine characteristics is love. It is the greatest power of all in the whole of Creation which in the end is going to move the mountains of unfaith that still exist in your world and change them into even higher ranges of faith and trust. In the fullness of time it conquers all evil by absorbing its energies into its own and converting them into blessing and healing energies for all life.

‘The same happens to you in the process of bringing forth and developing the higher aspects of your nature. The lower ones are gradually soaked into the higher ones and this continues until they have gone from you forever. This is the esoteric meaning of St John 1:29 ‘The next day he saw Jesus coming to him and said: ‘Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!’ As you know by now, Jesus is a symbol of humankind’s higher nature. He could never have taken the sins of the world from anyone for the simple reason that he never existed.

‘In the fullness of time each one of you has to evolve into a lamb of God. And that is the esoteric truth behind Isaiah 11:6 ‘In that day the wolf and the lamb will live together, and the leopard will lie down with the baby goat. The calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion, and a little child will lead them all.’ Humankind’s animal nature with all its untamed desires and urges is are the wolf, the leopard and the lion. The lamb is a symbolism for its Christ nature and the little child leading them is the Christ seed which eventually awakens in every human heart.

‘The Christ love lacks all interest in dominating others and dictating to people what they should believe or not, the way the religions of the past have been doing. Some of them are still trying to maintain this practice, but in due course they too will have to accept that spiritual knowledge evolves and grows the same as everything else in God’s Creation. This applies to all spiritual teachings that were given earlier. None of them were intended to be unchangeable and like set in concrete. Included in this is the wisdom the Angels have been presenting through us more recently and will continue to give.

‘The beliefs of the Aquarian Age are based on the religion of love, which is of the heart and knows no dogma. There is only one law and that is the law of love and that embraces and welcomes every belief system whose foundation is nothing but love. This religion not only allows but spurs every one of you on to find their own comprehension of the fresh knowledge that for quite some time has been flowing every more powerfully into each individual human consciousness and that of your world.

‘Each one of you will eventually be required to develop the abilities that are necessary for doing your share of enlarging humankind’s understanding of the concepts and concerns of the spiritual background of your present existence. This can only come about through opening your hearts and minds and training your whole being to act as a channel through which the Angels from the Highest levels of life can pour their gifts into your world.

‘Rather than taking from others, the Christ love only wants to give to its followers, to enrich and enhance their lives in some way, without expecting anything in return. It appreciates that it is in the nature of things each one of you perceives the radiance of God’s wisdom and truth through a differently shaped and coloured window of perception. No two of them can be alike because each one consists of the soul impressions that were left behind by the manifold experiences of all your lifetimes, up to the present moment. The new creed encourages its followers to listen to their inner guidance and follow its advice as to whom or what it is safe to dedicate their lives to.

‘The religion of the Aquarian Age would not dream of exploiting others and preventing them from searching for their own understanding of God and the spiritual background of life. This is because loving Christ’s way means setting others free to make their own decisions when it comes to choosing what they can and want to believe, and to whom they wish to swear their allegiance and follow, freely and willingly.

‘And if, in the face of the things that for karmic reasons still have to take place in your world before Earth’s great transformation is complete, do not allow yourself to become disheartened by feelings that humankind’s future is probably darker than it has ever been before. Instead, remind yourself that anything that manifests itself in your world first has to take place on the inner level of life. None of you can tell what is happening there. Never forget the darkest hour comes just before the dawn. As above, so below or rather as within, so without. You can take it from me, the dawn may come sooner than any of you can presently imagine.

‘When you watch the power struggles that are still going on in our world, do not overlook that the law of Karma is a law of opportunities. For example, as one part of Earth’s population through its suffering redeems its Karmic debts of past ages, fresh negative Karma is created by younger and less experienced souls by trespassing against older souls, inflicting mental, physical and/or spiritual pain upon them. Both groups are taking part in the same lesson, each through their own experiences as individuals and a group. All participants thus are receiving a vital part of their earthly education.

‘It may comfort you to know that in due course these younger souls will be removed from earthly life because after Mother Earth’s transformation is complete, their energies will no longer compatible with those required then. As a result, they are going to reincarnate and continue their schooling on a younger and less evolved planet, whose vibrations will be much denser than those of the Earth, even now.

‘On this planet they will continue their explorations of experiencing the highs and lows of life in physicality. And their growing and evolving will be helping their new temporary home planet with its own evolution, the same as you always have done and are doing to this day for the Earth. This will continue until the now younger souls have grown into old and experienced ones who in their turn will be ready to move on to exploring the higher and eventually highest levels of life.

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21 Dec, 2018
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