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The Crypt That Wouldn't Die

The Crypt That Wouldn't Die

By martinflemingak

"Look at him. He's all over her. She's my girl and she just lets him. She loves it, little slut."
"Calm down Joe, dude."
"No wonder Will, look!" Will sighed and sympathetically patted Joe’s back.
"Don't worry about it." Joe nodded and walked the other way, heading for class. It was only two weeks away from graduation and Joe and Kerry's relationship had taken a strain in the past few months. Will, on the other hand hadn't had many relationships but he always had Joe's back. Anything Will asked, Joe would do and vice versa. They had been friends for nearly fourteen years. Joe gave Will a low high-five and walked into his chemistry class, as Will headed for physics. Joe was met with a cold stare from Jimmy Hopkins which he returned with the finger. Joe had suspected Kerry of cheating on him for the past two months but he hadn't suspected Jimmy until recently. Throughout the whole lesson, Joe and Jimmy exchanged cold and hard looks while Jimmy and Kerry shared flirty glances which were driving Joe's inner rage to the surface. Finally - after which felt like a lifetime - the lesson ended with the loud song of the bell. Joe quickly grabbed his books, not even bothering to put them in his bag and rushed out the door, banging into people’s shoulders through the corridor which was met with sharp grunts of "watch where you’re going".

Halfway down the hall, Joe heard Kerry shouting his name. "Joseph! Joseph!" He stopped in his tracks, knowing in his mind he didn't want to hear what she had to say. He knew it wasn't going to be pleasant. "Look I've been wanting to chat with you."
"Yeah?" Joe knew what was coming but couldn't help feel the lump in his throat.
"Now, as you've obviously noticed, our relationship ain't been any good these past few months and as I know you have noticed. Jimmy and myself have been growing closer and with the Prom and Graduation edging closer......Look there's no easy way to say this. I'm breaking up with you and I'm going to the Prom with Jimmy." Joe stood in stunned silence, holding back tears. "Joe?"
"Look, can't we work on this, Kerry?"
"No, Joe. I'm sorry. This relationship was just hollow and I hate to be harshly honest but you have been a bit of an ass lately. Jimmy treats me right. You didn't."
"I didn't? I didn't?! How the hell did I not?!" Kerry looked around nervously.
"Joe, let's not cause a scene."
"How is buying you a necklace and making sure you’re happy not treating you right?"
"You never made me happy!" Joe's legs shook as he stared in silence. Kerry turned her back on him and began to walk away. Joe stared straight ahead and couldn't take what he'd just heard. He outstretched his hand and grabbed Kerry's arm followed by a low squeal. "Joe! Let go of me. You’re hurting me."
"We can work this out…you bitch! I gave you ev..." Joe's sentence was cut off by a fist to his mouth.

The fist belonged to Jimmy. "Don't grab her like that. What's wrong with you? Get over yourself." He leaned forward and looked into Joe’s eyes. "She’s mine now." A cheeky grin overtook Jimmy's face.
"Joe! Joe, you alright?" Will came quickly to Joe's aid although Kerry and Jimmy were already down the corridor. He lifted Joe up with the shoulders, which was met with a grunt from Joe.
"I'm alright, Will. Let’s just get out of here." Will and Joe quickly walked down the corridor as Joe's fist punched hard into the exit door. Will could tell by Joe's body language and expressions what had just happened as they walked towards Will's car - an old dark green Volkswagen - in the lot. Joe slipped into the passenger’s seat as Will put the key in the ignition and drove off.
"Well, what happened Joe?" Joe sat in silence. "Joe?" He stared out the window in anger and sadness. "Joe, talk to me."
"She's with Jimmy. They're going to...prom." A tear ran down his cheek. Will looked ahead, unsure of what to say. The rest of the drive was made in silence, finally broken when they arrived at Joe's house.
"Try not to let it get you down man. You said it yourself." Will sighed as Joe got out, without saying a word, and headed towards his house. "I'll give you a call tonight buddy."

It was eight o'clock that night when Will called Joe. The phone rang six times before Joe eventually picked up. "Hello."
"Hey, Joe. How you doin'?"
"We need to do it again, Will."
"What you talking about?"
"You know exactly what I'm talking about. We need to do to Kerry and Jimmy what we did to Karen and Billy last year."
"No way man! You remember how that went down? We nearly got caught. Karen was in the hole but Billy nearly ran away. If it wasn't for that mud he got stuck in, we'd be in prison."
"Yeah, I know but we'd more careful this time. You remember how you felt when you walked in on Karen and Billy. Well that’s how I feel. I feel like utter crap. I..." Joe burst out in tears. "I loved her Will. If she ain't going to the Prom with me then she ain't going with anyone." Will let out a sigh.
"When you wanna do it?"
"Tonight. I know Jimmy's old man works at night so he'll be home alone and Kerry will be at her dance class. We can get her walking home. We'll bury them next to Karen and Billy in that field."
Joe could feel a nervous bubble rumble in the pit of his stomach, he didn’t want to do it again but Will was his friend, his best friend and he helped him in his time of need. He couldn’t let him down. Not now.
"Okay. I'm on my way."

It was nine thirty. Joe and Will were driving to Jimmy Hopkins’s home, with Joe sitting in the backseat, gripping hard on to a black pistol, attaching a silencer to the slender barrel. "There'll be nothing to it Will, shoot shoot, dig dig, bury bury. We'll be home for twelve." Will let out a small giggle and looked hard at Joe in the rear-view mirror.
"I won't lie. I’m nervous and I know this isn’t right but really…I don't mind doing this. It’s actually quite enjoyable…in a weird way haha."
"That’s true, Will boy. Good knowing you can kill and get away with it."
"Exactly, besides I owe you this considering you helped me last year."
"Yeah man. That was somet......stop stop. That's his house. Go around the back."

Will took his green Volkswagen to the small alley way behind Jimmy's house. "Keep the motor running, Will and the back door open."
"Will do." Joe quickly ran round the house, being careful not to bang into trash cans on the way. He spotted a window slightly ajar at the back bedroom. Staying low, he peeked in. Jimmy was in there alright, with his back to the window and music in his ears. Joe slowly and carefully slipped plastic gloves on and then gently pushed the window open a little wider. He lifted his leg up and climbed in halfway, when a sudden loud shrieking noise pierced the air. Joe fell backwards and landed with a grunt. He quickly pushed up against the wall below the window, careful not to get caught. His body was tense and he stayed completely motionless waiting to be caught but no one came. After several minutes passed with no interruptions, he heard a sound. It was Jimmy singing. Joe let out a low quick snigger and moved his body back up and climbed through the window. He glided carefully across the floor, his soft soled shoes making no sound on the thick carpet. Seconds later, he was standing directly behind a singing Jimmy. Joe didn't even disturb him, he simply pointed his pistol six inches behind Jimmy’s back and shot four rounds into his spine. Jimmy fell flat onto the floor as blood spewed from his mouth. Joe pulled out a big black bag and stuffed Jimmy's body inside then dragging the body bag behind him crept back to the window throwing the wrapped body out, Joe’s significant weight making it less than easy. He dropped the awkward dead weight and hopped out after. Nervous sweat poured from his body. He heaved the bag up over his shoulder and quietly ran back to Will. "Everything go alright?"
"Will, that was almost hellishly perfect. He was sitting with earphones in singing. Four shots into his spine then into the bag."
"Nicely done. Now, part 2?"

Will forced the black bag behind the passenger seat as Joe opened the trunk. "You gonna fit in there man?"
"I'll make myself fit in there. Kerry can't know I'm here."
"Sure thing." Joe carefully climbed into the trunk voluntarily and pulled it shut. Will drove out of the alley way and made his way east towards 'Sunny Day Dance Studios' to get Kerry. Will whistled an innocent catchy tune on the way, getting louder the closer he got when suddenly he saw her. Kerry Fisher walking in her ballet clothes alone. He beeped his horn and stopped his Volkswagen. She took her pink earphones out and approached the car. "Hey Kerry, I'm sorry to hear about you and Joe."
"Hey Will. Yeah it’s for the best. I'm with Jimmy now."
"Yeah I heard. Probably is for the best. Joe's been quite unstable recently, I mean emotionally."
"Really?" Kerry was genuinely surprised that Joe's best friend would say something like that.
"Yeah, it's been weird. Makes me so uncomfortable. I just didn't want to see him try to hurt you."
"Thanks Will. Good to see someone is on the same page as me." Will smiled.
"Hey. You want a lift home? You must be freezing and it ain't safe you wandering around at night."
"Oh, you’re so thoughtful. I'd love a ride if you wouldn’t mind."
"Hop in." Kerry smiled at him and he stepped on the gas. Minutes passed as they filled the silence with meaningless conversation regarding Joe's problems, when Will rapidly and dangerously sided the car into a small dirt road, which would eventually lead to the field. The road was empty and was dark.
"Will, what you doing? Where are y..." Before Kerry, could finish her sentence, her chest was ripped apart by two bullets. The force of the impact caused her body to slump forward and her head hit the window.

Will stopped the car quickly and Joe hopped out of the trunk with another black bag. Joe opened the passenger door and stuffed the body of the girl he loved into the bag. Gripping the bag, much lighter than Jimmy’s shroud, he threw it in the backseat. "This was too easy buddy. Done and dusted!"
"I know man, too easy" Joe sniggered.
"No doubt about that."

The two young men sped up the dirt road and eventually came to a huge field with trees surrounding it. The trees were perfect for privacy. Will put in a hard left and then drove forward towards a gap between a line of trees. Edging closer, it did not appear as if the car could fit through the trees.
"Best get out now." Will grabbed one of the black bags and indicated for Joe to take the other. They stepped out of the car and paced forward. The trees hung over them like humanoid creatures in the shadows. The two boys came to a halt. "Twenty three feet. Karen and Billy are under us."
"Ha-ha, good riddance to them Joe boy. What was it you called this place last year?"
"Oh yeah. The Crypt of Death. Glad to see these two vermin are introduced to it." Joe and Will dropped the bags hard on the rough grass. "I'll go grab the shovels Will." Will stared down at the bags while Joe ran off to the car. He pulled the bodies to the side, under a tree and tore open the bags to let the bodies free. The pair slithered from out of the black plastic and rested on the ground. Both of them were pale and dead as stone. Suddenly the sound of something making impact on the ground broke the night silence.

An old familiar voice was heard behind Will. "Wiiiillllllll." The voice sounded as if it had been said underwater. Will dropped the body bag he was holding and felt a great rush of fear through his body. He slowly tilted his head behind him. Standing there amidst the trees was a person, the skin rotted, lumps of flesh hung from bone and the face, barely even a skull. Even though the figure was barely recognizable as a human the long limbs and remnants of blonde curls made it unmistakably the corpse of Karen Waters. His ex-girlfriend was there, alive and walking with her arms outstretched, as if to grab Will. Will was too afraid to scream. He stared forward with his mouth open in horror.
"N-n-no! I k-k-killed you! You’re dead." He fumbled to the back of his jeans to find his pistol which he eventually came across. Will quickly grabbed the gun, pointed it at his dead ex-girlfriend and shot. The bullet went straight through her forehead but didn't seem to harm her. Will backed up against a tree and stared, horrified at this reanimated corpse steadily stumbled towards him. The smell of decaying flesh approached him and he felt bile rise in his throat. "Joe! JOE!! Help me. It’s Kar…Karen. It's alive!”

Joe skipped back to the car, feeling relieved that the job was nearly done to retrieve the shovels. Happy in a sick way. He reached into the trunk he had been in, no less than twenty minutes ago and grabbed two shovels. Joe slammed the trunk shut and ran back, with a song on his lips. His song was cut short when he reached their patch of grass. The patch of grass which hid the bodies of his two previous victims had been torn open, the hole was exposed and only Billy's rotted corpse lay there. Joe gasped in terror. He frantically looked around to find Will, when he saw that one of the body bags was gone. "Will!" Joe shouted in a terrified scream, “Wiiilllll.” Something powerful hit Joe's back and he fell hard into the hole. He let out a loud yelp as he landed on his arm. The snap of a breaking bone echoed throughout the area. Joe painfully turned his body round and saw only overlooking trees and a huge amount of stars. Joe outstretched his hand to try and pull himself up. Something heavy fell on top of him. Will's body. Joe let out a terrified scream. Standing over the open grave were the corpses of Karen Waters and Kerry Fishers. One rotted and mulched by months in the ground and the other fresh but pale and bloody. Two loud bizarre voices spoke in unison although the mouths of both girls hung slack jawed and open. The only thing that indicated what they were now was exposed in their eyes. Four black empty hollows stared down at Joe.
"You didn't want us with other people. Now we can be together forever."
"Forever in the Crypt of Death"

Joe screamed the loudest scream, guttural and full of fear as the first handful of pitch dark earth scattered over him and his friend. His nostrils filled with the scent of dirt and decay and the sharp metallic scent of the blood which seeped from between Will’s lips. The ground below him started to shift and he felt himself falling. Falling through the earth. Falling with Will’s dead weight on top of him. Falling down into blackness.

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1 Nov, 2012
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