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The Dark Reviews

7 reviews have given an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 Stars
Lussac gave a rating of 5

brilliant start. Please write some more....

Thomas Ray
Thomas Ray I'm honestly not sure I can. It's been so long, and I don't remember.... Sorry...
I will write similar things, though. I like this kind of thing.
Author -
SisterSkelligSlap gave a rating of 5

Hi there! I just wanted to say, regardless of whether you continue this story (and I haven't yet checked, but I will), this piece is beautiful and I love your characterisation of the dark. Word choice is perfect also!

Thomas Ray
Thomas Ray Yeah, there's not more. It's also interesting to notice and remember how dependant I was on feedback when I wrote this. I still love it, but I feel like I've taken a major step forward in that aspect of myself.
Thanks for reading it! I'll be sure to read some of your stuff. (If you have any. I haven't checked)
Author -
Akash gave a rating of 5

Continue it it's gonna be epic

Dari Poulson gave a rating of 4

I really liked this one and I vote that you continue it!

king Definitely. I can't wait to see if Eren will fight or not!
Robert Thornton gave a rating of 5

Really good word choice pal. It was a great read, especially how you built up the story throughout very well. I really liked it.

Thomas Ray
Thomas Ray Thanks!
Author -
Amber Jones gave a rating of 4

Do you plan to make this more of a suspense Fantasy? I feel like when someone is writing a suspense or a more "dark" story the descriptions that weave themselves into the story are key.

Amber Jones
Amber Jones But as far as your story structure and the overall idea goes, I think it's very creative.
Reviewer -
Thomas Ray
Thomas Ray I'm not really sure what I plan to do with it, but yeah, it would be more suspenseful than most of my other things. I have a vague idea of where it's going, but it's kinda weird--not in a bad way--and very strange.
Author -

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