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The Darkest Shadow
The Darkest Shadow

The Darkest Shadow

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Even Shadows Have Light

The black cat’s fur was soft and sleek as it stared at you. Its big orange eyes betrayed no emotion. Just curiousness. It tilted its head to one side, watching you silently.

Its pitch black tail waved back and forth, more out of impatience than annoyance. It was small; a kitten maybe, with its big eyes and

Innocence dripped from the small black cat. It was sitting in a white field of snow, the bitter cold enveloping the small animal. It shuddered and moewed. The noise was soft. Shuddering. Pleading.

But the snow did not prevail. The frozen swirling particles fell more rapidly, covering the poor cat. The cat shook it off then stood up and stretched and paced around. His once sleek coat was wet with the snow.

Soon enough, the cold was too much to take. The snow was an evil, vile creature, cold and merciless. Many fall for its sparkling charm; the light and whiteness covering what it actually it.

But behind every beautiful facade is a mirthless spirit.

And behind every dark wall is a pulsing ball of hope.

A man walked by, but avoided the cat. “Bad luck,” he muttered under his breath. The cat meowed and begged for warmth, but the man walked away quickly.

The cat looked at you, before falling into the snow. His dark fur was turning almost blue now.

You tried to hug him to your chest, but couldn’t move. Couldn’t call for help. Couldn’t do anything but watch.

The kitten looked at you one last time before its head fell limply into the cold snow.

Its big bright eyes fluttered before closing forever.

Learn that everything dark has light and everything bad has its good. The snow might be beautiful, with its sparkling pearly-white snowflakes. Yet it is cold and violent, with its deadly snowstorms and choking cold.

Even shadows have light. Even the darkest ones do.

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24 Jun, 2019
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