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The Dawning Of The New Age
The Dawning Of The New Age

The Dawning Of The New Age


The Dawning Of The New Age

The following is the essence of a message from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the Lodge’s Calendar March 2017: ‘Today we are calling to bring you light in the form of spiritual knowledge to renew your hope about the birth of the new age that for some time has been taking place on the earthly plane of life. Be of good cheer, dear Friends, and have faith in the ever increasing power of the Christ light and love that slowly but surely is bringing about the dawning of this age. It is moving ever closer to all of you. Suddenly and when you least expect it, you will be able to see its light in the sky. One moment it will seem to be night and the next moment it will be day.

‘To do your share of bringing this event about, look into and focus your whole attention on the light of the Christ Star, the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life. Trust the love of the Divine and Its evolutionary plan for humankind and its world, that this plan is perfect and that everything will work out well in the end – and that much sooner than many of you may presently think. This does not mean that one dark night your whole world will suddenly find itself in broad daylight. What we are talking is about the spiritual dawning that is taking place as ever more of you become aware of their true nature and the presence of the Universal laws that apply to all lifeforms throughout the whole of Creation.

‘As soon as the number of awakened ones has reached a certain critical point, their energies will be pulling those of the unawakened ones with them upwards and forwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. And as you know by now, nothing can happen on the outer plane of earthly life unless it was first created on the inner levels. That which is taking place there manifests itself in the world around you. Bear this in mind when you reflect on the many earthquakes and other disasters of recent times. Each one of them is an indication that another major shift of consciousness is in progress on the inner levels.’

Extract from ‘Witnessing Evolution’: ‘Under the influence of the higher powers who at any given time are working on behalf of us and our world, it does not take over-long in Universal terms until everybody who is taking part in one particular experience starts to walk down the path the pioneers and wayfinders have trodden for them. Naturally, this applies as much to lessons of a positive as a negative nature. But as soon as the thoughts and actions of sufficient numbers of us are working in positive and constructive ways with the forces of light on the inner level of life, ever increasing amounts of these energies are created. This continues until they have become powerful enough to absorb all remaining traces of the dark and destructive elements in us and our world. They are then transformed into blessing and healing energies for all life.’

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6 Aug, 2019
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