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The Deaf Man
The Deaf Man

The Deaf Man

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Once a man got deaf due to some problem. He never talked or met anyone. One day, he got to know that his friend is very ill and is in a hospital nearby. He thought that he had to meet him or his friend will feel bad and will think that I am so selfish.

The next day, before going to the hospital, he thought what will he say if he meets his friend.

He thought that first I will ask his friend that 'Hey Sammy, how are you?'

Then his friend will say 'I am feeling very better.'

I will say 'That will very good.'

Then I will ask 'What medicines are you taking?'

He will answer my question and I will say 'That is the best medicine for you.'

Then I will ask Sammy 'Which doctor are you consulting?'

Then Sammy will tell the doctor's name and I will say 'That is the best doctor!'

Then, in the end, I will say 'I hope to see you soon! Bye, Sammy'

Then, he went to the hospital and asked the nurse if he could meet his friend, Sammy. The nurse allowed him to meet Sammy.

The moment he came in he said "Hey, Sammy. How are you?"

Sammy replied sadly, "James, I am not feeling well."

As the plan, James answered, "Well, that is very good!"

Sammy got really angry. He never thought that his friend is so ruthless and brutal. He didn't want to talk to him, but couldn't say anything.

James asked, "What medicines are you taking, Sammy?"

"Poison!" he replied, bitterly.

James replied as he was smiling, "Well, that is the best medicine for you!"

Now, Sammy was extremely angry. They haven't talked to each other for months and he wasn't aware that James is deaf. It was his fault nor James fault.

"Which doctor are you consulting?" James asked as he was checking if there was a stool kept near him.

"Death," He said, angrily.

"That doctor will helo you recover soon. Well, now, I will leave you. I hope to see you again!"

He called the nurse and told her to take him away. He shouted on him and yelled which made his blood pressure go high.

Poor James, couldn't understand why his best friend is shouting and yelling and the nurse dragging him out of the hospital.

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11 Sep, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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