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The Divine Spark
The Divine Spark

The Divine Spark


Judge Not And Ye Shall Not Be Judged – Part Eight

The Divine Spark

I have a vision that one of these days a spokesperson on behalf of the Catholic church of France steps forward and addresses the public as follows: Dear Friends. Nothing in the whole of Creation happens without the will and wishes of God and the Angels. By now it is emerging with ever greater clarity that keeping the truth away from humankind for a certain length of time has been an essential part of God’s great plan for the development of humankind. This is how it came about that, in the shape of the greatest deception ever, Christianity became its guardian. This also applied to astrology because in the right hands it would have revealed God’s true nature and humankind’s own too early.

The Great Mother’s way of teaching humankind the value of things is by first giving them to us. Then they are withheld for a while until we and our world really miss them. In the case of the truth it has been for thousands of years, to allow things to really go haywire in earthly life. At the end of that lesson, when it has been thoroughly grasped by sufficient numbers of us, they re-appear. In order to familiarise us with the value of truth, after having experienced it a long time ago, the infinite wisdom and love of the Divine decided that the simplest and most effective way of withholding it would be to systematically suppress it. This was achieved by declaring that every word of the sacred texts of our world is quite literally true.

We believe that the fire of our beloved cathedral is a sign from the Highest that the natural end of this sad chapter of humankind’s development has been reached. And that’s why I stand before you today with the intention of bringing you the truth and nothing but the truth, as best it is known to us at present. As ever, God and the Angels will be guiding us and instructing us how to go this enterprise. Before we go any further, they want all of us to know that they never left us and have always been with us, not as falsely believed ‘out there, up in the Heavens’ somewhere, but right here and now in every cell and atom of everyone’s physical body and especially our hearts.

They want me to tell you that Jesus is not a historical figure and the crucifixion never took place. The story of the Master’s life was inspired by them and Jesus has only ever existed as a thoughtform who represents the higher God or Christ nature of every human being. The tale was given to us in the form of a legend. For a predestined time only the higher esoteric truth about the various stages of the Master’s life would remain hidden behind its surface words. But eventually it would dawn upon ever more of us that Mother Earth is a school and a place of learning where every human being, without exception, spends many lifetimes in pursuit of consciousness expanding adventures that are constantly coming our way. Each one of them is meant to help us grow in wisdom and understanding of ourselves and our world.

Understanding this, the more highly evolved ones in our midst would begin to recognise that the Jesus story in picture book form informs us about the initiations every human being experiences in the course of their earthly education. As can clearly be seen from this, life is by no means a one-off thing, the way our Christian teachings used to present it. However, it was God and the Angels who wanted us to believe that every word of the Jesus tale is literally true. This was done for the wise higher purpose of keeping us away from the knowledge that God is the Great Father/Mother of all life and that their only born Son/Daughter is the Universal Christ Spirit, the Sun of all suns and Light of all lights.

Each one of us is a spark of the Great Light and all characteristics and powers that are in God are also in us. The three Divine aspects are part of everyone’s character makeup. That’s why by definition every human being is a Christian. It makes no difference which religion you may at present be following or whether you have never set foot in a place of worship, in essence you are still a Christian.

Catholic means Universal and the word religion is based on the Latin ‘religare’, to bond and connect with. As we neither managed to become Universal nor to connect humankind with God, we no longer wish to be known as a Roman Catholic Church but as the first church of the Aquarian faith of truth. Having served the educational purpose for which God and Angels once designed the belief that every word of the Christian gospels is literally true, when they are not, from now we are going to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. On behalf of the French Catholic authorities I have come to tell you that our hearts and arms, as well as the doors of our places of worship are wide open to welcome people from all denominations. As before God we are all equals, anyone’s colour or creed is no longer of any importance.

The scandals that for many years have been shaking Christianity’s foundations are doing their best to speed up the decline of our religion’s popularity. The law of life is love. If those who trespassed against it had known the truth, if our religion had not closed its eyes and ears against it and preferred to keep its head stuck in the sand in ostrich fashion, the way some insist on doing to this day, no-one in our ranks and files, especially not the higher and highest, would have dreamt of increasing the suffering of our world the way they did. Their sins would simply not have taken place. As soon as people find out that the bill for every one of their misdeeds will eventually be presented to them in somewhat strengthened form, if not in this lifetime then in a future one, they do all they can to prevent creating further entries on the debit side of their spiritual ledger. To create the necessary balance with credit entries, they then become more interested in thinking good thoughts, speaking kind and loving words and doing that which is good, right and beautiful.

Sadly, as a result of our self-created ignorance, there was no way of knowing about the presence of God’s Universal laws and how they are affecting every form of life throughout the whole of Creation, therefore also us and our world. Humankind’s suffering will have reached its natural end when at last all of us have become aware that, because of these laws, every one of our thoughts, words and deeds unerringly finds its way back to us. They can do nothing but that and it makes no difference whether it happens later during this lifetime or a future one. We wish to help everybody to find out that, whenever we inflict pain and suffering on others, the bill for it will be presented to us as soon as our spirit/soul has become sufficiently evolved to be strong enough to the events that come our way when we are the receiving end of our misbehaviour of the past.

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25 May, 2019
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