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The Divine Trinity In You
The Divine Trinity In You

The Divine Trinity In You


From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

Present Events On The Earthly Plane – Part Two

The Divine Trinity In You

To this day it comes as a surprise for many in your world that the Divine Trinity is something quite different from the way it was presented to you during the six thousand years of patriarchy. In keeping with My great plan it held sway over your world for wise educational purposes. You will be glad to hear that this sad chapter of humankind’s development has definitely run its course, now that the Age of Aquarius is with you. This age, in sharp contrast with the previous one, is the age of wisdom and truth. By now they are flowing into increasing numbers of human hearts and souls that have opened and therefore are ready to receive them intuitively, directly from the Angels and Me.

The time has come for telling you that the Divine Trinity consists of the Great Father/Mother of all life and Me. I am their only born Son/Daughter, the Spirit of the Universal Christ, the Sun of all Suns and Light of all Lights. In Me God and Goddess are inseparable and the same is true for you. The physical aspect of your existence is the outermost edge of My Creation. Although you in that world you appear in the role of woman or man and you tend to think of yourself in that way, because you are sparks of Me all My powers and characteristics are also in you. That’s why the masculine/feminine and spirit/soul are in every one of you and, like in Me, they cannot be separated from each other. As above, so below!

The Angels and Masters around My throne are in charge of the great plan of life and the whole of the Angelic hierarchy is its executor. As soon as the Christ-consciousness within you is stimulated and wakes from its slumbering state, you begin to respond to the emanations of My light. You do not have to be particularly intellectual or clever for this. If anything, an over-developed earthly mind can be a serious obstacle that keeps the door to your superconscious faculties firmly closed. You then have difficulties grasping the existence of other more highly evolved worlds and their beings in the spirit realm on the higher and highest aspects of life that have much higher vibrations than the earthly ones.

It is for this reason that some of your scientists are struggling with this concept and they fail to understand that the spirit realm is of the greatest importance for everything that happens on their plane of life. Without its spiritual background there would be no Earth and no other planets that can be seen by earthly eyes and telescopes, no matter how powerful they may be, anywhere in the whole of the created world. They would simply not exist. For as long as the door to the superconscious faculties of people with this lack of vision remains closed, they will find it impossible to comprehend anything that requires peering beyond the ends of their noses and reaches above their limited horizons.

Whenever wise ones encounter people like this, they know that the best way of dealing with them is to patiently wait for their awakening to happen and meanwhile respecting and loving them just the way they are. Wise ones have no difficulties with this because they are aware that every human eventually reaches the developmental point when they too understand that the Universe is teeming with life that is invisible to earthly eyes. And that’s the way all of you in the end are going to learn how to treat the whole of humankind. Why not start now by being as tolerant and compassionate, kind and loving as you can in all your encounters, especially when coming across your younger and less experienced siblings in the great family of humankind? And because your imagination is a powerful tool, whatever kind of experiences may still have to come your way, take care not to create obstacles in your mind where in truth there aren’t any. Each time you think of the young souls around you and imagine the way they one day surely will be, you are helping them to bring their higher evolved state about.

Your imagination is part of Mine and in both of us it is the source of the creative process. In Mine I am constantly holding the whole of My Creation and each one of you exists in it somewhere as a minute creature that has something of Me in it. This means that is also has the power of growing and evolving into a more beautiful and perfect being, i.e. one who is whole and holy, and whose consciousness and understanding is at all times expanding. I am spirit/soul, God/Goddess, masculine/feminine, all in one and inseparable and so is each one of you, My beloved children of the Earth, for you are sparks of Me and contain My seeds. And in the fullness of time you will be able to grasp that every one of My seed atoms within you, even in its initial state, contains the whole of the Universe.

And when you have spiritually matured sufficiently you not only wish that your friends and family but the whole of humankind and your world should find everlasting health, happiness and peace, the power is within you to do something about it and to ensure that it happens regardless of what events may still have to take place on the physical plane of life. Besides, every one of you possesses psychic powers and in many of you they already developing very well. Your intuition is part of this. The Angels and I have always been trying to communicate with you through it. We always have been the small still voice of your conscience that knows the way of all things and never leads you astray. Whenever in the past you ignored My calling, it was to your detriment. Yet, once you realise what kind of a gift your intuition truly is, you will never want to do anything without us.

With our guidance and under our protection you will eventually be walking the pathway of your life feeling utterly safe and at peace because you know you are always doing the right things. This does not stop when you leave the earthly plane behind and your explorations and studies are taking you onto ever higher levels of My Creation. But before this can happen, your earthly personality with its physical body and mind, spirit and soul through clean living and thought processes needs to be transformed by you into a pure white temple where kindness and goodness rule supreme. Only then can the light of My Spirit fill your whole being and shine through you to touch and heal everything you come into contact with.

My message to those who are struggling with pain and suffering and who are thoroughly weary of everything Earth life has to offer, is: just keep on keeping on. Reach out for the hands of the Angels and Me, so we can help you work your way through the last ones of your karmic debts. You are safe and no harm will ever come to you, for we are with you and will never leave you. Your spirit and soul are indestructible and nothing and nobody can destroy them. And I would like every one of you, My beloved children of the Earth, to know that as sparks of Me there is nothing too high or too great that you – with our help – cannot achieve in the end.

I am your Highest Self and the more the Christ aspect of your nature takes over your small earthly self, the easier it becomes for the Angels and Me to work through you. Performing similar healing miracles and even greater ones like those I showed you in the Jesus legend are then quite on the cards. The healing Angels will gladly work a miracle for you when the last one of your karmic debts has been redeemed. Alas, this can only be done through finding yourself for a sufficient length of time at the receiving end of the suffering you once caused others. So be patient and work on developing a positive and constructive attitude towards your existence. You will not fail if you combine this with good, kind and loving activities in earthly life and exemplary behaviour towards every lifeform that shares your world with you. That’s when the healing Angels in co-operation with the Lords or Angels of Karma are sure to decide that for you a healing miracle is justified.

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7 Feb, 2019
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