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The end
The end

The end

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I can't breathe. Why am I in so much pain?

I look up at my owner who is looking down at me with tears in his eyes. He smells sad.

I lick him. I don't want him to be sad. I try to wag my tail, but it feels so heavy. My whole body feels heavy.

I don't know why I feel this way. It started when that vet lady gave me that shot.

I haven't been feeling good lately. And I've been seeing the vet lady a lot lately. She made eat a nasty tasting treat, but I threw it up. I haven't been eating lately. I just haven't been hungry.

I look up at my owner, I'm scared. Why do I feel so heavy? Why is my vision getting dark and blurry.

"It's ok Bailes. You'll be ok. Just remember I love you." Peter says to me.

I know he loves me. Why would I forget that?

My vision continues to shrink and my eyelids are getting heavy. And I still can't breathe. I'm struggling to breathe. I can't close my eyes. Peter needs me still. Who will be there for him when he's sad? He gets sad a lot. WHo will protect him from the bad smelling man that he calls dad who trys to hit him a lot of the times?

I close my eyes. They are to heavy to keep open. Maybe I just have to take a nap. Then I'll be all better.

Suddenly there's a white tunnel. But at the end of it, I don't see Peter. I can't go through there. I need to be with Peter. But then I see the person Peter called mom. I haven't seen her since the bad smelling man, named dad hit her. I run to her. Maybe she can explain things to me.

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9 Feb, 2021
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