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The Fall Of Humankind
The Fall Of Humankind

The Fall Of Humankind


The Fall Of Humankind

Part One

The following is the essence of a teaching by the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stella Polaris Aug/Sept 2007: ‘If there were no darkness in your world, the light of Sun, Moon and stars would be invisible to you and you would have no idea of their existence. And without having walked in the darkness of not knowing God’s true nature and your own, feeling so frightened, lonely and desperate about the state of your world that you got down to your knees and called for help from somewhere, you would never have realised that there is much more to you and your earthly existence than you ever thought possible, and that there is world of spirit in which Angels and Masters and other spirit friends and helpers have for a long time been waiting for your call.

‘Our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life, is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient and has designed a great plan for the whole of life and also for your life. These plans are unfailing and nothing and nobody in the whole of Creation will ever be able to interfere with their unfolding. Nothing is outside the will and power of God, the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity, the same as out of the reach of the wisdom and love of the Great Mother, the Goddess. The Angelic hierarchy is the executor of all plans and responsible for all of them. they are the Highest Forces of life who never allow the reigns of God’s Creation to slip out of their hands.

‘Whatever happens in your world is part of the Divine plan and that includes the major catastrophes it has experienced. One of the finest examples for this is the Cretaceous–Palaeogene extinction of the dinosaurs. It took place approx. sixty-six million years ago and marked the end of that period, when all dinosaur groups except the neornithine birds were wiped out. The Plesiadapiformes contain the ancestor species of all primates, therefore humankind’s. These forms of life first appeared soon after about three-quarters of plant and animal species, including most dinosaurs, had been removed from the Earth. It happened because one chapter of Mother’s Earth’s development was closing and a new one was opening.

‘The Earth has seen many golden ages. Every twenty-six thousand years a new great unfoldment of all your planet’s inhabitants takes place. The dinosaurs were wiped out to prepare for the birth of humankind. Each one of you has the power to ensure that no disasters of this nature will ever be necessary again. Our bringing of ever more of God’s light in the form of His/Her sacred wisdom and truth places the instrument for making your contribution to this into everybody’s own hands. The more you share the knowledge we are bringing you with those around you, the more of the Christ light enters not only the cells of your own physical body but also those of Mother Earth’s physical manifestation. This speeds up the vibrations of the light she is made of and through this she becomes increasingly etherealised.

‘The Legend of the sinking of Atlantis was written by the Greek philosopher Plato, 428/427 or 424/423 BC to 348/347 BC. He received his inspiration from the Angels, the same as everybody and that on both sides of the veil of consciousness that separates our two worlds from each other. The Atlantic story is an allegory of the disastrous effects the abuse of power when used for selfish purposes can have. But even if the place had ever existed, its disappearance would have been part of God’s plan. The same applies to what once was presented to your world through the Abrahamic religions as ‘The Fall of Humankind’. It is another event that is but a metaphor, in this case for humankind’s appearance on the Earth. This development could only start when the planet’s evolution had progressed sufficiently to be ready for the creation of a new and very special species. In the fullness of time each one of the members of this race would develop the qualities and characteristics, including the intelligence of their Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life. And it would take a long time until they were to become aware that in truth they are God’s beloved children of the Earth.

‘This process started very quietly when the Angels introduced sparks of the Universal Christ, the light of all lights, into the cells and atoms of the physical bodies of a type of animal that had already evolved for this purpose. From the word go the spark would be reaching out and attuning itself to the heavenly light of its Creator and begin to grow. The evolutionary plan for this new species provided that after a while they commenced to walk upright and get around on two feet. This freed their hands adapting themselves to their environment. After millions of years in Earth terms many of these creatures would have reached the end of their earthly education.

‘Encouraged by the religions of their world, the first stage of their curriculum would consist of plundering and raping the planet of its resources. However, in the end during the final phase of their earthly education every one of them would evolve into the planet’s guardians and caretakers. The tests and trials that are presently coming your way are part of your final examination and the way you are handling them are showing the wise ones in charge of you in our world whether you are ready to be released from the need for further lifetimes on the Earth. We, your spirit friends and helpers, are doing all we can to help you work your way through the obstacles that are coming your way.

‘In the run-up to the previous golden age, around twenty-six thousand years ago, many who are now residing permanently in our world took advantage of the opportunities that are always available for everybody at special times like these. There have been many of them since the human race appeared on the scene to assist Mother Earth with the next stage of her evolution. Should yours have been and maybe still is a particularly trying lifetime, stop grumbling and rejoice. If you play your cards right, the end of your need for further earthly lifetimes could be much nearer than you may think possible at the moment. On the advice of the wise ones in charge of you in our world, you agreed to their proposal of this particular pathway. You did this because at that time you knew that we would be with you, and that, from the spiritual background of your existence, we would support and encourage you as much as we are allowed to do. The most difficult part was helping your earthly self to become aware of our presence and good intentions.

‘It is for three reasons why human beings choose particularly difficult lifetimes. The first one is that you are an old and experienced soul and you are strong enough to tackle just about anything that comes your way. Second, the pathway you chose will allow you to attend to every one of your karmic debts, hopefully even the most ancient ones. Third, by the time the end of your present earthly sojourn comes round in the natural course of events, you will be so fed up with struggling that you are not going to find it unnecessarily difficult to give of your best to conclude this part of your spiritual development. In that case, as soon as your physical body has been returned to Mother Earth, which happens for everybody when the purpose of their present lifetime has been fulfilled, you will be released into continuing your studies on the next higher level of your personal evolutionary spiral of life.

‘Our task is to help you become aware of these things, so that you can take advantage of what is on offer to you, if you so wish. We hope that you will seize it and in the not too distant future join us, maybe in our beginner’s group. You will be made very welcome, whether you do or do not attach yourself to this group. And you are sure to be surprised about how many of us are well known to you from previous lifetimes on the Earth.

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18 Jul, 2019
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