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The First Attempt of My Last Breathe

The First Attempt of My Last Breathe

By lioness03 - 2 Reviews

There I stood, all alone. It was the midnight, it was so dark that if you brought your hand to your face you couldn't see it but you only felt it when your breathing began touching it before it's actually on your face.

I found the perfect tree, with the perfect branch. Just a bit taller than me and easy to climb onto. I decided to do it, sweat running down my face and my makeup smudged. I swung the rope over the tree and began tying it the way I was taught on the internet. My hands shivering so much as I tried to tye it.

I finally finished tying it and I started thinking why I was doing this. I thought the worse about myself, lost all feelings and I just couldn't stand it. I slowly climbed up the tree and sat there on the brand dangling my feet above the rope which was gonna help me end all this torture. My last breath was about to happen. My last tears started forming again.

I grabbed hold of the rope and put it round my neck. This is what I wanted, life isn't for everyone. My heart pounding out of my chest; I made sure the rope was tight enough to do what I wanted it to do. I've never done anything like this before so it was the first attempt of trying to end everything. I jumped of the branch, all my life flashed at me within seconds and then it stopped.

The tree leaves rustling in the wind but nothing else. All except from my body hanging stiffly on the tree via a rope. Blood dripping from my neck and landing on the autumn leaves as if they weren't red enough. Everything I wanted just happened. My first attempt of my last breathe... successful.

Author Notes: I'm sorry if this is really bad but I tried my best. I tend to work on the story more than punctuation. However this is my first story and I should improve.

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9 Nov, 2017
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