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The Galilee Song
The Galilee Song

The Galilee Song


Deep within my heart I sense
My inner guidance whispering to me.
Thoughts like ‘Why don’t I try this, that or the other?’
Enter my mind and I intuitively know that it’s
The small still voice of my Highest Self
Calling me to follow
The highest Star and the Greatest Light
In the whole of Creation,
The Universal Christ.
It wants me to walk away
From the gloom and doom of earthly life
With its false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions,
Lying and cheating, corruption and deceptions
Into the Great Mother’s realm where nothing but
Love and peace, wisdom and truth reign.

She and Her Angels are the source of
The fresh spiritual knowledge
That’s flowing ever more powerfully into
Hearts and minds of humankind.
It provides us with new levels of understanding
That opens the doors of our innermost being,
So that the spirit of the Aquarian Age can enter.
It’s a new kind of rain that has the power
Of cleansing and purifying and through
This healing us and our world.

In this process long outdated thinking and behaviour patterns
Are shed, especially our fears that for so long kept us
Trapped in the prisons of our earthly minds.
The light we are receiving is the knowledge
That is designed to restore our race’s faith
In the basic goodness of life.
So let’s give thanks and praise for
For the golden nuggets of wisdom and truth
That for quite some time have been flowing into our world.
Through perceiving us and our world in a different light
We change the spiritual desert of our earthly existence
And transmute it into a green and flowering oasis.

Let’s leave the ocean of earthly life behind
And row the boat of our lives into the safe waters
Of the spirit realms, humankind’s true home.
Setting off from the shores we know so well
We need to look into the deepest innermost parts of our being
And search for how we can best follow and serve
The Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
And their only born Son/Daughter,
The Universal Christ Spirit.

You are our true Lord and Lady,
Master and Mistress.
How good it is to know that You
Never were a mystical figure sitting
On a throne somewhere ‘out there’,
Not caring and being interested
In the wellbeing of us and our world.
Knowing that You are with us and part of us,
Always have been and forever will be,
How can anyone not love and trust You
With all their heart and soul?
All honour, glory and praise to You.

Frank Andersen
Adapted for our time
By Aquarius

There is nothing to fear when our inner guidance tells us that something is right and our heart tells us that it is safe to follow its direction, because it comes to us from the Angels around the throne of God, the Christ circle. Apart from attending to the task in hand to the best of our abilities, the only that’s required from is giving thanks and praise to the Great Father/Mother of all life. The power and glory of their love and light then wrap themselves around us like a protective cloak in which we are sheltered and safe.

When we know that, even though in earthly terms our planet is still be a lonely, cold and dark place, behind the outer appearances the warmth and love of the eternal Sun are shining. It’s good to know that every small effort of any of us is a valuable contribution towards the dispersing of the spiritual mists that to this day are surrounding our world. That’s how slowly but surely the warming rays of the Sun beyond the Sun and the gentle rain of new spiritual knowledge are bringing an increased understanding of the purpose and meaning of our existence. They are constantly working on removing the last remnants of humankind’s ignorance. In the not too distant future this is going to bring about a new spring in the evolutionary development of our world. When it has arrived at last, all Mother Earth’s kingdoms will be singing to praise the glory of the Great Father/Mother of all life’s love, wisdom and truth.

* * *

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15 Dec, 2019
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3 mins
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