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The Gift Of Understanding
The Gift Of Understanding

The Gift Of Understanding


The Gift Of Understanding

When the world for you seems dark and grey,
The journey of your life too long and lone,
Don’t hang your head, don’t mourn forlorn.
At a certain point of our earthly development
The Divine spark within us stirs from its slumber.
We then realise that Earth life is a school
And that every one of us is here to learn and grow.
In fact, every experience that comes our way.
Contains the gift of some kind of a lesson.

Once we seriously attend to our learning,
Many answers to our questions we find
That enrich us in soul and mind.
So let’s take a good and honest look
At ourselves, our lives and then go within,
To ask God and the Angels for their help.
It is sure to come if we are willing to wait
For them to tell us intuitively,
Through our inner guidance
The wise one or living God within,
How to go about resolving our problems.

With their assistance all things are possible
And any condition can be healed.
When our vision of life opens
And we re-define our life by
Approaching it from a different angle
And viewing it with an enlarged perspective,
Our deepest innermost wounds begin to heal.
Time to look forward to the day when
Our soul’s pain is no more.

When, instead of wasting our years
With shedding too many tears,
We know that every piece of life’s puzzle
Is a perfect fit and that once we understand
Its higher purpose and meaning,
The horizons of humankind’s existence
Reveal themselves as very bold
And everyone’s high and holy destiny
Is nothing but a joy to behold.

Sheila White
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

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26 Jul, 2019
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1 min
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