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The Gifts Of The Ages
The Gifts Of The Ages

The Gifts Of The Ages


The Gifts Of The Ages

I believe that the Ages of Humankind reveal like nothing else that there really is a great plan of life and that it has always been unfolding and forever will continue to do so with the precision of a giant clockwork. This applies as much to every individual human life as it does to our whole world and the rest of the Cosmos. Each one of us is a microcosm of the macrocosm and the whole Universe is contained within each one of us. We are children of the Highest, and in spite of the fact that many think of this idea as absurd, we are indeed young Gods in the making. The plan for every individual soul’s development as well as that of our race and world is an essential part of God’s great overall plan for the whole of Creation. I for one cannot help marvelling at the ingenuity of the Universal mind.

Seeing is believing and when I reflect on how the plan has been unfolding for thousands of years just as it should, I feel that the book of life lying open before me. In moments like that I know with great certainty that we and our world shall forever rest safely in the hands of God and the Angels. My whole being fills with love for them and gratitude for the thankless job they have been doing for such a long time. Now I know that the law of life is love, I realise that it could not have been any other way. The power of the love that has always taken care of all our needs and forever will continue to do so is way beyond human imagination and our own so far still quite feeble ability to love.

Being loved wisely and with detachment, time and again we find ourselves in earthly life so that in the fullness of time we should learn how to love God’s way. We are here to acquire the ability to show and express our appreciation for those around us by allowing them to make their own mistakes, so they can learn from them, while we are standing by in the background, in the manner of the Angels. Their love never flounders or withdraws the way humans all too frequently do when things are not going, as we would like them to. Loving like the Angels becomes easier from a distance when we are no longer going onto each other’s nerves from too much closeness. That’s what we find out when our loved ones have departed – at the predestined moment – into the world of light.

God’s great plan decrees that anything in the whole of Creation can only happen when the time for it is right and the planets are lined up so that their energies allow events to take place. When these conditions have been fulfilled, they come about as part of the natural order of things. As good an example of this as any is the human ability to recognise some of the ideas that are constantly flowing from the Universal mind into our earthly minds as meaningful. For our present world the skill of receiving and then communicating and spreading these ideas to a wider audience with the help of the written and spoken word is likely to have taken place during one of the ages of Gemini.

The mutable Air sign Gemini is responsible for the development of our earthly minds and the skills most of us take for granted, like walking, talking and communicating with others. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger of the Gods. Several times he turns up in the legends of antiquity as the one who steals the fire of the God’s, i.e. the creative ideas from the highest levels of life which he brings to humankind to ease the struggles of their earthly existence.

The Angels around the throne of God, the Christ circle, are responsible for the spiritual progress of each one of us and our whole world. The fire of the Gods is a symbolism for the creative ideas the Angels are constantly transmitting to us and our world. As servants of the Great Mother and guardians of Her wisdom, they are the ones who decide which of the Divine ideas are suitable and can be understood by us at any given time. It was their inspiration that brought every one of the religions and belief systems that ever existed in our world into being. As soon as one of them had outlived its usefulness, it was removed and replaced by a new one that would take our race another step forwards on its evolutionary journey through space and time.

Every new religion that appeared evolved from the ones that came before it. Each time the Angels gave us a bit more about the spiritual background of life, but only as much as we could understand at any given time. For example, the Jewish faith is believed to have emerged as a religious tradition nearly four thousand years ago. This makes sense as part of the developments of the Age of Aries, about 2500 BC – 300 BC. A whole new cycle of experiences had begun and the idea of monotheism entered into the consciousness of our world. From now on there was only one God and during the time of the patriarchy it had to be a masculine God. Judaism has its roots in the ancient near eastern region of Canaan, now Israel and Palestinian territories. It evolved from the beliefs and practices of the people who lived in the area that is now known as Israel.

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15 Jan, 2019
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