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The girl
The girl

The girl

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One year, when I was at summer camp, I had a very unusual experience. So everyone was down it the rec. Hall, and I went up to my tent, to get something. When I got in my tent, I saw her. A little girl, in a white dress, with black hair, in braids, that almost reached the floor. SHe was sitting on my bed.

I stopped, this girl wasn’t a camper at this summer camp. I slowly started to walk away, when she suddenly leaped up and grabbed my arm. “Help me.” she said.

I yanked my arm from her grasp and sprinted to the rec. Hall, where I told the counselors what had happened. They called the cops to come investigate, and everyone had to stay in the rec. Hall.

The cops came, but didn’t find the little girl, or any traces of anyone being there. The only proof that anyone had that she was there, was the finger mark bruises on my rm from where she grabbed me. Needless to say, I never went to that summer camp ever again.

Author Notes: This actually happened, but the cops, were not called. The counselor's looked around for hours, but found nothing.

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12 Oct, 2020
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