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The Golden Age Of Honesty And Truth
The  Golden Age Of Honesty And Truth

The Golden Age Of Honesty And Truth


The Aquarian Spiritual Transformation – Part Twenty-Two

Message Of Hope From The Spirit Realm – Part Four

‘Let’s return to the Covid virus for a moment. Because it does not exist, it’s impossible that anyone should die from it. To this day, people on your plane of life are leaving their physical bodies behind for just the same reasons as before Covid ever appeared on the scene. The only difference between times gone by and now is that steadily increasing numbers of you realise that when this happens to them, they are not really dying but merely moving to another dimension of life that’s invisible to earthly eyes. As always, for any one of you this can only come about when you have sufficiently taken part in the lessons you promised to the wise ones in charge of you, during your most recent resting period on our plane. At the same time, that lifetime enabled you to redeem a sufficient amount of your karmic debts. There’s no more to any human being’s earthly lifetime than that; there never was and never will be.

‘Every one of them is part of their long evolutionary journey. From the time of their creation, when the heart of their first earthly self was equipped with a tiny spark of the Universal Christ’s light, they have been walking a pathway that unalterably moves all of you forwards and upwards. Each does this on their own evolutionary journey as well as the one for the whole of humankind and your world. By the time every one of you has reached the end of their education in the earthly school of life, they have evolved into Christed ones, each in their own right. All who have reached this goal continue their education and begin exploring the greater freedom of our realm and start exploring, getting to know and taking part in ever higher levels of life.

‘Rest assured that every one of you, without exception, has a great deal to look forward to. Truly, there never is any need to be afraid of anything. Therefore, do not be downhearted or unduly concerned about your world’s present state. Every one of you will forever be safe and, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation, guided and protected by God and the Angels in their journey forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, individually and collectively.

‘Make the best possible use of the gift of earthly time that’s been allocated to you for your present lifetime. Also apply the talents that have been bestowed upon each one of you so generously by your true eternal parents, the Great Father/Mother. That’s how each one of their beloved children of the Earth is required to make a unique contribution to the greatest healing miracle that has ever been experienced in your world. Everything that ever happened and is presently doing has always served the wise higher purpose of teaching certain lessons. At the same time, it ensures spiritual as well as material progress, individually and collectively. We assure you that all is well with you and your world and forever will be. This is because its reins have always rested safely in the hands of God and the Angels. Nobody on the earthly plane ever has had or will have any real, i.e. everlasting power whatever.

‘Ever more of you by now are becoming aware that humankind’s imagination is one of the most powerful and valuable tools during the periods you spend on the earthly plane. It occupies the second place after the power of thinking. Every one of you is a young God in the making, one of the co-creators of God. As God’s creative powers are in you, you are constantly in the process of bringing something into being and that from the moment you start your education in the earthly school of life. Although for a long time you are unaware of what you are doing, whatever you think about and/or see in your imagination that’s what you are creating. Everything that’s in your life at present was in that way created by you, in the course of many lifetimes.

‘You are personally responsible for the consequences of every one of the thoughts, words and actions you ever sent into your world. And every detail of whatever happened to you, in the course of all your earthly lifetimes, at the end of each one winds up as another one of your soul memories. Layer upon layer of them is stored in your subconscious. From the moment you are born into another physical body, they have the power of influencing your behaviour from there in either positive or negative ways. The negative ones are waiting to be changed, by none other than each one of you yourself, into positive ones.

‘That’s why these days, no newly born human baby in your world is an unwritten slate or an empty vessel waiting to be filled. Far from it! Because the memories from all previous earthly lifetimes of that person are stored in the subconscious part of that tiny being, from the moment of its appearance on that plane they are influencing its behaviour in everything they do. The learning that will be gathered in the coming lifetime will be stored in the next layer of soul memories, as soon as this one has run its course. The gifts and talents, which by then could have taken many lifetimes to be developed, are going to become noticeable quite soon in every new one.

‘Humankind’s existence consists of an uninterrupted flow that will never end. At the beginning of each new lifetime your earthly selves once again pick up all of their soul memories. They contain whatever had been learnt in all of them at the end of your most recent lifetime. The whole bundle is once again picked up when next your earthly self enters another lifetime. And so on and so forth. The best thing of all is that each one of you is an eternal student who is never going to stop learning.

‘The knowledge of these things places the power into your own hands to steer the boat of your destiny and to influence your life’s river to flow in a direction that’s to your heart’s desire. Because humankind’s evolutionary journey is such a hazardous one, none of you is ever just left to their own devices on the earthly plane. Not just one Guardian Angel but a whole group of them is constantly observing the movements of every earthling. On the whole they are allowed to just get on with experiencing your world and reacting to it, each in their own sweet way. Only when things are in danger of getting out of hand are your Guardian Angels allowed to step in.

‘And that takes us back to the power of thinking and imagining things. When someone reads about the Covid virus and the symptoms of the illness it is thought to bring about, and then starts thinking about and imagining them, that gets their human creative power going. The person feels the symptoms are beginning to develop. Their test result shows positive and hey presto! Time for retreating from the outside world for prescribed length. Some of you are more sensitive to responding in this way than others. Particularly endangered are those with their Sun, Moon and/or Ascendant in one of the Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. They are dedicated to the development of humankind’s subconscious emotional nature. Your world masses are ruled by Cancer.

‘People who are strongly under the influence of the Cancer energies are most endangered of all at the present time. Like sponges they absorb any negativity that’s floating around on your world’s subconscious plane. That’s why at all times and especially now, they are most in need of psychic protection. Find out more about this by following the relevant links below.

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24 Aug, 2021
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6 mins
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