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The Greatest Miracle Of All Times
The Greatest Miracle Of All Times

The Greatest Miracle Of All Times


Be A Miracle Worker – Part Four

The only truly lasting healing can only come about through assisting someone’s small earthly self to understand that the essence of every one human being, including their own, is spirit/soul and that this aspect of everybody’s nature is immortal and will never die. Through familiarising ourselves with the wise higher purpose of our earthly existence and learning how to work hand in hand with God and the Angels, every part of us, i.e. mind and body, spirit and soul can be healed and restored to normal healthy functioning.

However, it’s not enough to merely read about such things, the way you are presently doing. The spiritual knowledge you are finding here, the same as any other to which your inner guidance responds with: ‘Yes, this is true!’, has to be applied to your own life. Through doing this, while constantly reaching out for the assistance of God and the Angels, alone can it become part of your consciousness and spiritual property. It is well worth doing because that’s the only thing we can take with us when the end of each earthly lifetime has been reached. In all Eternity it is going to be our property.

Whether someone is as yet aware of this or not, every human being wherever we may find ourselves at present in this and our other world, the spirit realm, is taking part in the greatest healing miracle of all times. It consists of a journey of exploration that in the end takes all of us into a search for healing in mind and body, spirit and soul. However, no spiritual progress worth mentioning is possible until we accept the responsibility for ourselves, our predestined pathway and everything our life has ever brought us. We ourselves have created it the way it is at any given moment and that’s why we are the only ones who will ever be able to save and redeem us. No matter how well meaning someone may be, how much they love us and long to help us, no-one in the whole of Creation can some kind of magic wand to create a miracle cure on our behalf.

The power for doing this is an integral part of our own being, which is latent during the initial stages of our earthly education. The legend of the Master Jesus’ life depicts the higher God or Christ part of every human being’s nature that at the beginning is merely present in seed form. The tale of the child in the manger is a metaphor for the Christ child that is waiting to be born, i.e. discovered and its powers developed to full strength in every human being. The whole of the Jesus story describes the various initiations all of us take part in during our evolutionary journey up the spiritual mountain of life. When in this process the upper and lower parts of our nature merge into one, the healing miracle of the sacred marriage between Heaven and Earth takes place.

It cannot come about through passive participation. We ourselves are required to take an active part in the work this entails. It is an essential part of the saving, healing and redemption of ourselves. A D.I.Y. job if ever there was one! The will and wishes of our small earthly self with its long established and outdated thought and behaviour patterns need to surrender themselves freely and willingly to our Highest or Christ nature and adjust themselves to its requirements.

This is a healing journey the likes of which has never been known in our world before. Like any journey it starts with one step and that is the recognition that God and the Angels are not a remote force that dwells ‘somewhere out there – in the Heavens’. They are as much part of us as we are part of them. They have never left us and could never do so if they wanted to. Not that this would ever have occurred to them. For a very long time they have been waiting patiently for ever more of us to wake up from their spiritual slumbering state, become aware of their presence and start asking questions as to who and what we ourselves truly are. At this point of our development we feel a need that, with the passing of time, grows ever stronger to find out whether our existence serves a purpose and if so, what it could be.

Through finding a better understanding of life as a result of our questioning we gradually realise that thought and love are the most powerful forces in the whole of Creation. We discover that everything that exists within it was created by these forces and can be destroyed or de-created in the same manner by the masculine will and power of the Highest Forces of life, the Great Father of all life, in co-operation with the love and wisdom of his feminine counterpart, the Great Mother. Where and when both events should take place is decided by both of them.

Nothing in the whole of Creation is ever wasted; everything is recycled. All matter that is created consists of light whose vibrations have been slowed down so much that they appear to be solid. During the de-creation process the vibrations are speeded up again and what appeared to be matter returns to its state of light, so that something else can be created by the Divine Trinity, Father/Mother and their only born Son/Daughter, the light of the Christ Star, the Sun of all suns and light of all lights.

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23 Jan, 2020
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