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The Haunted Wood Introduction and Backstory
The Haunted Wood Introduction and Backstory

The Haunted Wood Introduction and Backstory

Lindsay_ElizabethLindsay Elizabeth


Everyone knew not to go into the haunted wood. Like the name, the woods was haunted by an anonymous ghost, who mercilessly attacked those who entered the wood. Hundreds of people had unofficial Seances to try to figure out what the ghost wanted. Out of those two-hundred thirty-six people, sixty seven never made it out of the woods. There are even rumors that the souls never went to Heaven, and that they were trapped in cages throughout the haunted wood. To ths day, the bodies were never recovered, and no one has entered since... No one except a group of ten 12 year olds, only five would make it out alive.


The twelve year olds all attended the same school, and were the members of a clique called The Paranormies. They all shared a YouTube channel and went to different haunted places (via Randonautica) and went to each other`s houses often.They heard of the haunted wood through a friend, who wasn`t part of the clique, and decided to go investigate. They brought along three Quija boards, flashlights, a motion detector, a spiritual translator, snacks, water, six 2-person tents, twelve sleepng bags, and lots of other nonsense things.

Author Notes: I`d love it if you told me what you think of the plot. Critiques are welcome! :)

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Lindsay Elizabeth
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14 Apr, 2022
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