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The Heavenly Life
The Heavenly Life

The Heavenly Life


The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that reached me as a ‘Monday Thought’ on 19.6.2017: ‘Although it’s impossible to describe the heavenly life with earthly words, we shall try to give you at least an idea of it. The physical world in which you presently have your being is of a very heavy vibration. But just for a moment, close yourself off from everything that is crude and harsh there and with your inner vision try to see the beauty of a rose. Do not only perceive its outer form but the vibrant life force that emanates from it and radiates from the heavenly realms throughout the whole of Creation, including your world and ours.

‘And now imagine that the rose transforms itself into a golden light of such beauty and brilliance that earthly eyes shy away from it. Even if you can sense the essence and perfume of this flower, you are merely touching the outermost fringe of the life force that dwells within it, which to many is known as ‘God’. That is the place from where all life emerges as an idea and to whom each one of us will be returning in the fullness of time.’

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29 Jun, 2020
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