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The Hidden Truth

The Hidden Truth

By danarae - 2 Reviews


Ancient egypt, ptomaic period: 2325b.c.

Where it all began: It all started many many moons ago in outer space. Inhabitants were found to be living on a big blue planet called Earth. These inhabitants were called homosapiens and they possessed unique and amazing abilities that one could now only dream of. The center of their foreheads illuminated like a diamond shining ever so brightly. This species could do things like manifest their greatest desires, read each others minds, speak telepathically, mutilocate, remote view, astral project, comminicate with the other side, and travel multi-dimensionally. They built great pyramids with only the use of their imaginations and if they built them just right they could sit in its center and recharge.

They all lived in peace and harmony until one day a select few decided that they wanted to hold all the power for themselves. They called these people the Elite.The Elite did terrible things. They disabled the pyramids. They poisened the drinking water. They shifted thought pattern. They used brain washing techniques. They seperated and divided the people. And last but not least, they created false fears and lowered the vibrations of the whole. They wanted and did everything to ensure that they would be the only people left still illuminating.

Slowly but surely the non elites lights began to dim and their powers and abilities started to weaken. They tried everything to obtain it but it was just no use. They all knew that if their light had completely blacked out that they would lose all power and remain earth bound forever. Or at least thats what they were told. This scared them. They didnt want to be normal. But most of all, they didn't want the knowledge of all that was to be lost. Forever. Some went into hiding, some just surrendered to the inevitable, and others made it their mission to leave behind clues to remind themselves and generations to come of their true nature. They did this by carving pictures into caves and stones and anything else they thought would outlast through the elements.

Soon almost everyones lights had blacked out and they were left to relearn how to do things manually. They figured it out eventually but with no light many became sick. Others became filled with hate. And even more did things to hurt eachother. After some time they came to depend on the Elite. The illuminated ones. The Illuminati. They just simply could not live without them. They possessed all the power now. And the non elites had no choice but to abide by them. They did all their dirty work and in return The Elite manifested housing for them. Healed their illnesses, and supplied them with food and water. They knew they had to do whatever was aked of them or else The Elite would take all of that away from them and they would quickly parish. So for a long long time they did just that. Eventually, The Elite built an army to keep everyone in line. And from there noone questioned anything anymore. It just was.

Generation after generation after generation began to remember just a little bit less. Until one day it wasn't remembered at all!


Fast forward: S.w. Germany 1636

Sept 28th, 1636.

My name is Sara.I woke up today the same as any other day. But i couldn't help but to feel different. The grass was suddenly greener, the air fresher. It was like i was seeing the world around me for the very first time. And with new eyes! I noticed earlier this morning that my forehead seemed to ever so slightly vibrate and seemed warm to the touch. As the day progressed it only got stronger and soon it was all i could feel. I sat down. Closed my eyes. And took a deep breath. I don't really know what happened from there. I was here. Then i was there. And then i was suddenly here again. So i closed my eyes one more time. Took a deep breath and tried to relax. I envisioned myself walking through a field of pink and blue daisies. POOF! Out of NOWHERE they appeared. Flowers were everywhere! I was surrounded by them! Pink ones blue ones and some yellow ones too.

Sept,29th, 1636

I am now very scared! Something very strange is happening to me. But what? Am i going insane? Is the devil playing tricks on me? Is it witchcraft? But i am not a witch and i have the purest of hearts. So could it really be?


They know my secret and they are coming for me! Should i try to run? Should i face my destiny? Should i die to banish the evil coming from within? They are coming! And i will be burned alive!

Sara and 336 other people were burned at the stake that day in Germany alone. Anyone suspected of anything out of the ordinary were quickly condemned and sentenced to immediate death.

Could the elite still exist all this time later? Was there a hidden agenda to supress imformation? Were people made to believe that the abilities once possessed by humans were evil and a crime?

Author Notes: i am by no means a professional writer and i'm sure it shows. However i still wanted to share my short story with anyone wanting to read it. My next Chapter will Fast forward thousands of years later to the present day. All will be awakened and The Elite destroyed. So stay tuned. It only gets better! And Thank you so much for reading!

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20 Sep, 2016
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4 mins
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