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The Hierarchy Of The Angels
The Hierarchy Of The Angels

The Hierarchy Of The Angels


Who Is Really In Charge Of Our World?

Part Two

The Hierarchy Of The Angels

Angels are beings of light who are neither masculine nor feminine. They are androgynous, the same as our Creator and we are. On the inner level of life everybody is whole. The masculine outer and feminine inner in men and feminine outer and masculine inner in women have always been co-existing and working together, without the outer earthly self being consciously aware of it.

The Angels and Masters are a great force and each one of them has the power of appearing to us in a form that can be recognised by human beings, which allows us to connect with them. When our inner vision has opened sufficiently, we can see that Angels are beings who are not only filled with light but consist of it. Streams of light are flowing from their heads and shoulders that look like mighty wings, even though they are nothing of the kind. Fallen Angels never existed either. Read more about this by following the relevant link at the end.

The inner level of the whole of Creation, not merely our world, is spirit and consists of light. This realm is teeming with lifeforms that are invisible to ordinary earthly eyes. And with the passing of time every human being develops greater sensitivity to the world of spirit and its inhabitants. When climbing a mountain, we then sense the presence of the spirits who inhabit it. We respond to the energies of the spirits of the water element each time when we enjoy the sounds of the sea, the flowing of our rivers and the tumbling of the waterfalls. The time has also come for making friends with the Fire and Air elements just as much as the life-giving light and warmth of the Sun in the sky above us and the sound of wind, for example in the trees.

As God and the Angels are in control of the elements and are conducting them, we offer our thanks and praise to You, O Father/Mother of all life, for the elements and the way they are providing the sustenance for us and our world and every lifeform that shares it with us. They are the power of creation behind the miracle and wonder of a butterfly. Look at their beauty, the delicacy and colours of their wings. Even the tiniest wildflower by the roadside, for example a daisy, is nothing short of a wonder of creation. It is amazing what one sees when one examines it under a microscope. And yet, that is but one miniscule aspect of the beauty of the whole of God’s created world. This gives us a tiny bit of an idea of the countless wonders that are waiting to be discovered and explored by us when our development moves us onto the higher and eventually highest levels of life.

The Angels are the Master craftsmen who, with the help of creatures like the elementals, fairies and elves, who really exist in the spiritual background of our world, are working extremely hard by day and night to supply us with everything we need for our lifetimes on the Earth. In keeping with God’s great plan all of them are on the same evolutionary pathway as we are. Down to the tiniest details everything is created with the greatest love, care and attention to detail and every creation is a unique and precious work of art and a marvel of design. What right does anyone have to hurt and harm one of these master pieces?

The Great Father’s creative ideas are brought into manifestation by the Angels and their helpers wherever they are meant to appear in accordance with the great plan. This applies to earthly life as much as anywhere else in the whole of Creation. Everything that is created anywhere comes about through the will and power of the Father and the wisdom and love of the Great Mother, God and Goddess. The Mother decides where and when new worlds and their beings are going to be created and when the time has come for removing old ones. Included in this is the outer shell of every spirit/soul, their physical body. When another human child due to be born in our world, it is created by the Angels through earthly parents, who have agreed to act as parents for the coming lifetime. Our willingness lifts the status of these people into that of co-creators with God. On our own, i.e. without the help and will of God and the Angels, human beings are unable to create anything.

A new physical body is the vehicle the Angels very kindly put at our disposal at the beginning of each lifetime. And when the time has come for parting company with it and saying good-bye to earthly life once again, one of the Angels of Death takes us by the hand and returns us to our true home from which we emerge at the start of every earthly sojourn, the spirit world. This releases us into the greater freedom of this realm. The more highly evolved we become, the more we are able to reach the higher and eventually highest planes of life. This, however, can only turn into a reality for those who have mastered their earthly self’s desire nature.

During the early stages of our development our earthly minds have difficulties grasping the immense size and beauty of God’s great plan of life for the whole of Creation. But as we progress on the road of spiritual unfoldment, our understanding of God’s plan for the individual and collective future of our humankind grows. There will come a time when every human being will be capable of not only entering the heavenly realms but under the guidance and protection of the Angels take an active part in them.

Nowhere does our race’s utter powerlessness reveal itself more clearly than in the birth and death processes. Have a word with any couple who for years has been trying unsuccessfully to conceive. Ask them whose will alone can bring a child into being. And then go to a suicidal person who attempted half a dozen times to take their life by their own hands and yet was prevented from doing so by what appeared to be ‘circumstances beyond their control’. Ask them who they think is truly in charge of their life and whose will decides when the end of their present lifetime has come. Is it our will or the will of the Highest authorities of life, whatever you may call them?

Wise ones appreciate that everything that happens in earthly life is done through us, that at no stage are we in charge of the proceedings and that all we can do in any situations is to go with the flow of the events of our lives, safe in the knowledge that everything that happens is ultimately part of God’s plan for the evolutionary journey, our own, our world and the whole of Creation.

In the fullness of time, every earthling hands the reins of their whole being over to the Christ aspect of their nature, also known as the Highest or God Self. We are then no longer handicapped by the limited understanding of earthly life and our vibrations then allow us to gain access to the finer ethers that are the inner core of all life in physicality. Once we learn to delve deep into the silence in the depths of our own innermost being, we realise that the one thing we have always been yearning for is returning into the oneness with our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life.

We then realise that God’s will and power, wisdom and love have always been reaching and taking care of us. It brought us into our present incarnation and is sure to take us onward into experiencing ever higher levels of life. This phase of our development starts with learning to trust the inner guidance we receive intuitively from God and the Angels. Through our own experiences life teaches us to trust that it is safe to follow their advice wherever we go. And when we are doing this we are quite literally walking hand in hand with God and the Angels.

‘I am the light of the world,’ the Universal Christ together with the Angels and Masters around His/Her throne told us through the Jesus legend. ‘I am the light of wisdom and love, knowledge and truth that has always been showing the way for every human being how each can establish their own Kingdom of God, wherever you may find yourself. One day, dear Friend, if you do not know it already, you too will know that this is the truth and nothing but the truth. But it is the kind of truth that cannot be comprehended fully with earthly minds, only with the Divine mind of love which all of us are in the process of developing.

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8 Dec, 2018
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