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The History of Soccer.
The History of Soccer.

The History of Soccer.

Kat_DickensKat Dickens

Soccer, also known as football, has a long history. Some even date back to 255-206 BCE. Soccer was not only used as a form of entertainment through time, but also to train soldiers. The many different versions were found all over the world through different times. In some cases it was even used as a part of a religion. Some of the old versions are still played today. Soccer was played by Kings, leader, Priests

The earliest soccer-like game was found in early China from 255-206 BCE. It was a part of the Ancient Chinese soldiers training. They called their soccer-like game “Tsu-chu” and “Cuju”. It was played with a feather and hair filled leather ball. For players to score they had to kick the ball through a hole in a cloth stretched between two poles.

The Aztecs played a game that was a combination of soccer and basketball. It was called “Tlachtli”, and it was a part of their religion. The people who played Tlachtli were usually priests. To play Tlachtli there would be two teams trying to move a 4 pound rubber ball across a field. Without letting the ball touch the ground, and while doing that they are not allowed to use their hands! To score they would have to get the ball through a hoop over 10 feet above their heads. The winners teams leader would get sacrificed to their gods.

The Romans and the Greeks shared their kind of soccer. The Greeks called it “Episkyros” and it means “game. The Romans called it “Harpastum” and it means “ball”. They also used it to develop their soldiers' agility and speed. But it was not only used as a kind of training, but also entertainment. Many people would come and watch the games. To play their soccer-like game the players had to kick the ball across the field, and pass the opposite teams boundary lines to score. The teams usually had about 27 players each.

The modern day soccer that is played around the world, known as football, was first created in England. They are the ones that are credited for being the first to set the rules in stone. Some of the rules they made was not touching the ball with your hands, and no tripping the other players.

Soccer has a long and rich history. It has been a part of many different civilizations over time. Now it is played all around the world. It is called football in some places. But it is still the same sport. Soccer is not only a part of our past, and present, but a part of our future!

Author Notes: Please rate and tell me what you think. And if you want me to do an article on the history of another sport, just tell me in your review. But it may take me up to a few months to get to writing it. Mostly because I will not be able to write over the summer.

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15 May, 2020
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